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Materials Handbook for Hybrid Microelectronics

Materials Handbook for Hybrid Microelectronics

By (author): Joseph A. King
Copyright: 1988
Pages: 610
ISBN: 9780890063255

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In this book the experts from Teledyne Microelectronics give you the results of painstaking, comparative research of 45 sources dating from 1910 to the present. This invaluable source book gives a complete, individual set of references to the original sources for each material discussed. You'll also find data for a wide temperature range and for a range of compositions and doping elvels. An ideal reference for engineers and materials scientists, this text covers 13 metallic and semiconductive elements, 17 alloys, 9 elemental and compound insulators, and 4 compound semiconductors. You can easily locate all the thermal, electrical, physical, chemical, and mechanical data on these materials documented and illustrated with over 500 graphs, tables, and charts.
Introduction. The Constitution of Matter. Electrical Conductivity. Magnetic Properties. Dielectric Properties. Thermodynamic Transformations. Mechanical Properties. Appendices: the Laguerre Polynomials. Maxwell's Distribution. Boltzmann's Distribution. The Fermi-Dirac Distribution. Reciprocal Lattice and Brillouin Zones. Magnetic Moments of Electronics and Atoms. Fundamental Physical Constants. Mathematical Relationship. Dimensions and Units. Solutions to the Problems. Bibliography. Index.
  • Joseph A. King
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