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Measurement Systems and Sensors

Measurement Systems and Sensors

Copyright: 2005
Pages: 342
ISBN: 9781580539463

eBook £79.00
Here's your complete resource on systems and sensors used in industrial measurement. Coverage of new wireless measurement systems and wireless GSM interfacing makes this title unique, providing in-depth, practical knowledge you won't find in any other book. This hands-on reference shows you how to: select the right analog-to-digital conversion method best suited for a specific measurement problem; determine whether to use a cable or wireless interface for optimum data transmission; speed up the data transmission rate in a measuring system with IEEE-488 interface by using the high-speed protocol HS-488. You find a review of digital temperature sensors, helping you design a monitoring system with multi-point measurements. Moreover the book introduces new, cost-effective measurement technology utilizing www servers and LAN computer networks. From computer-based measuring systems, electrical thermometers and pressure sensors, to conditioners, cassette measuring systems, and virtual tools, this authoritative volume offers you the details you need for your work in the field.
Computer-Based Measuring Systems - Configuration and Structure of a Measuring System. Interface Standards. Computers for a Measuring System. Universal Serial Bus USB and Interface IEEE-1394.; Electrical Thermometers - Temperature Scale of ITS-90. Resistive Thermometers. Thermocouples. Integrated Semiconductor Thermometers.; Pressure Sensors - Mechanical Stress and Pressure. Resistive Strain Gauges. Silicon Pressure Sensors. Capacitive and Piezoelectric Sensors.; Conditioners - Voltage Conditioners. Conditioners for Temperature Sensors. Conditioners for Other Sensors.; Digital-to-Analog and Analog-to-Digital Converters - Sampling and Quantization. Digital-to-Analog Converters. Integrating A/D Converters. A/D Converters with a Serial and Parallel Compensation. Other A/D Converters.; Measuring Systems with a Serial Interface - Interfaces for Measuring Systems. Serial Interface RS-232C. Programming of Measuring Systems with an RS-232C Interface. Measuring Systems with an RS-232C Interface and a Modem. Other Standards of a Serial Interface. Interfaces for Smart Sensors.; Wireless Measuring Systems - Wireless Data Transmission. Measuring Data Transmission in a Cellular Telephone Network GSM. Measuring Systems with Radio Transmission. Wireless Transmission for a Short Distance: IrDA and Bluetooth Technology.; Measuring Systems with an IEEE-488 Interface - Interface Standard IEEE-488. Interface Messages in an IEEE-488. Parameter Improvements of Measuring System with the IEEE-488 Interface. Graphs of Interface Functions of the IEEE-4888.; Cassette Measuring Systems - Measuring Standard CAMAC. Measuring Standard VXI. Measuring Standard PXI. The Centronics and IEEE-1284 Interface for Measuring Systems.; Virtual Instruments - I/O Boards. Virtual Instruments. Programming of Measuring Systems.;
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