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Measurement of Mobile Antenna Systems, Second Edition

Measurement of Mobile Antenna Systems, Second Edition

By (author): Hiroyuki Arai
Copyright: 2012
Pages: 210
ISBN: 9781608075423

eBook £120.00
If you're involved with the design, installation or maintenance of mobile antenna systems, this thoroughly revised and updated edition of a classic Artech book offers you the most current and comprehensive coverage of all the mandatory measurement techniques you need for your work in the field. This Second Edition presents critical new material in key areas, including radiation efficiency measurement, mobile phone usage position, and MIMO (multiple-input/multiple-output) antennas. This unique resource provides in-depth examinations of all relevant mobile antenna measurement theories, along with practical measurement procedures and examples to show you how it's done. Topics include propagation measurement, antenna characteristics measurement, radiation power measurement, human interaction measurement, base station siting and maintenance, and fading and field simulator systems. Supported with over 130 illustrations and more than 135 equations.
Propagation Measurements - Overview of Propagation Measurement. Field Profile Measurement. Diversity Measurement. Definition of the Diversity Gain. Propagation Measurement System. ; Antenna Measurements for Radio Handsets and Mobile Terminals - Antenna Input Port Impedance Measurements. Radiation Pattern Measurement. Radiation Efficiency Measurement. Diversity Characteristics Measurement Using Radiation Pattern. EMC Measurement. Product Testing. ; Handset Antennas and Influences due to the Human Body - The Effects of Chassis on the Handset Antenna. The PhantomAn Electrical Equivalent Model of the Human Body. Antenna Measurements with Human Test Subjects and Phantoms. SAR Measurement Using a Phantom.; Base Station Antenna Siting and Measurement - Base Station Antenna Siting. Design of Cellular Base Station Antennas. Base Station Antenna Measurements. Product Inspection.; Indoor Measurement Simulators - Fading Simulator. Field Simulators. MIMO Measurement Simulators. ;
  • Hiroyuki Arai Hiroyuki Arai is a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Yokohama National University. Dr. Arai serves as an associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation. He is the author of five books, over 130 journal papers, and more than 1,000 conference papers. He holds a B.E. in electrical and electronic engineering and an M.E. and D.E. in physical electronics, all from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
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