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Methods and Techniques of Radar Recognition

Methods and Techniques of Radar Recognition

By (author): Victor Nebabin
Copyright: 1994
Pages: 248
ISBN: 9780890067192

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This landmark radar reference encompasses 25 years of critical radar recognition advances and allows you fingertip access to information that has previously been unknown outside of Russia.
Methods of Recognition with the Aid of Narrowband Signals. Methods of Recognition Using Multifrequency Signals, Broadband Signals, Active Response, and Passive Radar. Selection of Informative Features and Decision Rules for Radar Recognition. Data Fusion as One of the Promising Ways of Solving Radar Target Recognition Problems. Methods and Techniques of Radar Recognition Countermeasures Including Those Developed by Stealth Program. Perspective Methods of Recognition and Trends in Their Development. Appendices.
  • Victor Nebabin
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