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Military Communications in the Future Battlefield

Military Communications in the Future Battlefield

By author: Marko Suojanen
Copyright: 2018
Pages: 228
ISBN: 9781630813338

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Taking an applications-oriented view, this unique volume delivers a forward-looking roadmap to military communications. This hands-on reference offers military and security technology practitioners insights into the key issues related to long-term development within the battlefield communications area. The book presents the technological alternatives for communication in the battlefield in unexpected situations and environments. This authoritative resource discusses unstructured formations of actors using a holistic approach that considers key capability requirements.


Professionals and officers learn how to prepare for the unexpected and start building agile, adaptive and cognitive systems that are needed in future operating environments. From scenario-based capability situational and context unmanned ground and aerial platforms, this easy-to-understand book covers the critical topics that practitioners need to master to achieve top performance in the battlefield.

Introduction. Scenario-Based Capability Planning in Command and Control Context. Communications Systems. Situational and Context Awareness. Radio Wave Propagation. Wireless Sensor Networks. Software-Defined and Cognitive Radios. Unmanned Ground and Aerial Platforms. Analysis of Selected Communications Alternatives Related to Scenario. Conclusion.
  • Marko Suojanen

    is a researcher in the Information Technology Division at the Fininsh Defence Research Agency. He holds an M.Sc. in electronics engineering from the Tempere University of Technology, where he is currently pursuing his Dr.Tech degree in electronics and telecommunications.


Review: Stevo's Book Reviews - September 1, 2018

This book is a comprehensive study relating to the field of military communications with its specific focus on military communications in the future battlefield. As such, this book serves as a thorough handbook, and since all the substance matters discussed in the running text are given their fair share of attention, the end-product adds up to more than the sum of its subsections. Overall, this book makes a highly recommendable read, and on the basis of its thorough coverage and discussion concerning the topic, it would also well double as a set course book in the field of military communications. Its prospective readers are bound to be fully engaged by Chapter 2 with its focus on scenario-based capability planning the context of command and control.

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