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Millimeter-Wave Radar Targets

Millimeter-Wave Radar Targets

By (author): Gennadiy Kulemin
Copyright: 2003
Pages: 344
ISBN: 9781580535403

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Featuring critical material never before available in Western resources, this invaluable millimeter-wave radar book delivers in-depth coverage of both theory and experimental data on targets and clutter from land, sea, and precipitation. For the first time, you are provided with measured data from Russian sources on radar characteristics of explosions, turbine exhausts, and sonic perturbations in target wakes. The book gives you experimentally tested algorithms for land, sea, and precipitation clutter derivation, along with methods for land and sea clutter modeling. You find detailed discussions on a wide range of important topics, including land and sea backscattering for small and extremely small grazing angles, multichannel methods of land remote sensing, and clutter rejection in radar systems. Supported with over 280 equations and more than 130 illustrations, this essential reference provides an excellent summary of the interactions between radar waves and the entire class of targets and clutter affecting operation of radar in the upper microwave and millimeter-wave bands.
Radar Characteristics of Targets -Introduction. Target Radar Cross-Section. Radar Reflections from Explosions and Gas Wake of Operating Engines. Statistical Characteristics of Targets. Sea and Land Influence on the Statistical Characteristics of the Low-Altitude Radar Targets. Land Backscattering at Microwave and Millimeter Wave for Small Grazing Angles - Classification and Physical Characteristics of Land. Models of Land Backscattering. Techniques for Experimental Investigations. Land Radar Cross-Section (RCS). Statistical Characteristics of Land Backscattering. Power Spectra of Land Backscattering.; Multichannel Methods of Land Remote Sensing - Estimation of Soil Parameters. Soil Erosion Experimental Determination. Methods of Multichannel Radar Image Processing. Soil Erosion Determination from Radio Images: Experimental Results.; Sea Backscattering for Small and Extremely Small Grazing Angles - Sea Rough Features for Small Grazing Angles. Models of Sea Backscattering. Features of Experimental Investigations. Sea Radar Cross-Section. Polarization Characteristics of Sea Backscattering. Statistical Characteristics of Sea Backscattering. Spike Statistics. Spectral Features of Sea Backscattering for Extremely Small Grazing Angles.; Microwave and Millimeterwave Backscattering by Precipitations and Other Meteorological Formations -Introduction. Meteorological Formation Structure. Attenuation and Scattering Theory State. Experimental Results on Attenuation and Backscattering by Precipitations. Backscattering from the Point Scatterers. Turbulent Atmosphere Backscattering.; Sea and Land Radar Modeling - Land Clutter Modeling. Sea Clutter Modeling. Clutter Map Development; Clutter Rejection in MW Radar ë Propagation Effects Influence on Millimeter Wave Radar. Influence of Rain and Multipath Attenuation on Radar Range. Influence of Land and Rain Clutter on Radar Detection Range. Land and Rain Clutter Rejection in Millimeter Band Radar with Continuous and Pulsed Signals. ; Conclusions.;
  • Gennadiy Kulemin Gennadiy Kulemin is principal scientific researcher at the Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and a professor at the Kharkov Military University. He received his Doctor of Science degree from the Kharkov Aviation Institute and his Ph.D. from the Kharkov Military University.
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