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Nanotechnology Applications and Markets

Nanotechnology Applications and Markets

By (author): Lawrence D. Gasman
Copyright: 2006
Pages: 242
ISBN: 9781596930070

eBook £61.00
Discover nanotech opportunities the smart way with the first down to businessù market analysis that separates commercial reality from hype and gives you the tools you need to forecast nanotech's impact on any company. This professional-level book spotlights the most viable R&D now taking root, what nano-enabled products will likely emerge in what industries first, and what timeframes you can expect before market rollout. You get a rich understanding of technical, business and legal essentials, and a solid framework for assessing commercial potential without either overheated expectations or overcautious pessimism. This indispensable resource focuses on the best nanotech-driven opportunities arising in the computer/electronics, medical/biotech, and energy industries - from nano-engineered microchips and fuel cells to nano-enabled drug discovery and delivery. You see where the low hanging fruitù will be and won't be in each field, and how nanotech will change each industry. The book also highlights nano-enabled advances taking place in such diverse industries as textiles, specialty chemicals, automotive, aerospace, agriculture, and building materials. What 's more, a unique and well-detailed impact assessment auditù helps you identify how nanotech may soon change your company's products, R&D, and production processes, and what new opportunities or threats to your business may emerge as the result of nanotech. Rounding out the coverage are extensive resource lists for further research in this up-and-coming sector.
Nanotech Technology: An Overview Disputes and Definitions: What Is Nanotechnology? A Very Brief Guide to the Science Behind Nanotech: Why 100Nanometers? The Early History of Nanotech. Eric Drexler 's View of Nanotech as Molecular Manufacturing. Nanotech as the Evolution of Chemical Engineering. Nanotools and Nanomanufacturing. The Business of Nanotech -Introduction: The Hidden Assumption of Nanobusiness. Three Scenarios for the Nanotechnology Industry. Nanomaterials and Nanodevices. A Word or Two About MEMS. Four Types of Nanotech Business Opportunities. The Importance of IP in Nanotech. The National Nanotechnology Initiative and Other Government Nanotech Programs. Funding Issues for Nanotech Business and Projects. Nanotech, Safety, and the Environment: Nanotech 's Little PR Problem. Nanotech in the Semiconductor, Computing and Communications Industry Introduction: Nanotech and Moore 's Law. When Moore 's Law Fails. Nanotubes, Nanowires, Nanoelectronics. Notes on Nanowires. Spin and Nanoelectronics. Nanoelectronics with Molecules. Just One Word, Plasticsù. On Quantum Dots. Nanophotonics. Nanotech and Energy -Introduction: The Real Energy Crisis. Economic Analysis of the Opportunities for Nanoenergy Firms. The Impact of Nanotechnology on the Energy Sector. The Nano-Enhancement of Fossil Fuels. Nanotech, the Environment, and the Road to the Hydrogen Economy. Nano-Solar Power. The Nano-Enhanced Distributed Electricity Grid of the Future. Nano Power for the Pervasive Network. Nanotech, Medicine, and the Pharmaceutical Industry - A Nanotech Paradox. Timescapes. The Tipping Point. Seven Ways Nanoengineering will Contribute to Nano-Enabled Drug Discovery. Six Ways That Nanotechnology Will Contribute to Drug Delivery. Nanotechnology and Medical Diagnostics. Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine. Timeframes, Futuristic Nanomedicine, and a Business Perspective on Transhumanismù. Spreading Nanotech: Industry-Specific Opportunities and Future Opportunities - The Coming of the Nano Economy. From Chemical Industry to Nanomaterials Industry. Nanotextiles and Intelligent Clothingù. Building Nanotechnology. Nanotech, Food, and Agriculture: A Nanolithicù Revolution. Planes, Trains, and Nanotechnology: Too Many Opportunitiesù? Nanotech and Robotics. How to Conduct a Nanotech Implications Audit in Your Company - Why and Audit? The Nanotechnology Impact Analysis in Summary: A Six-Step Program. Establishing Objectives. Fact and Trend Selection. Establishing a Data Collection Methodology. Opportunity Analysis. Threat Analysis. Organizational Analysis. Appendix. Endnotes. About the Author. Index.
  • Lawrence D. Gasman Lawrence Gasman is principal analyst and founder of NanoMarkets LC, in Charlottesville, Virginia. He has over 25 years of experience as a high-tech consultant for companies including Analog Devices, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Fujitsu, NEC, Nortel and NTT, and is the author of three other books on telecommunications topics. He is also on the editorial board of the Foresight Nanotech Institute and is a regular contributor to the website.
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