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Neural Networks for RF and Microwave Design

Neural Networks for RF and Microwave Design

By (author)s: K. C. Gupta, Q. J. Zhang
Copyright: 2000
Pages: 392
ISBN: 9781580531009

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For buyers of this book and software, you will need the following serial number: 3263-10026890626. Discover the new, unconventional alternatives for conquering RF and microwave design and modeling problems using neural networks - information processing systems that can learn, generalize, and even allow model development when component formulas are missing - with this book and software package. It shows you the ease of creating models with neural networks, and how quick model evaluation can be done, plus other opportunities presented by neural networks for conquering the toughest RF and microwave CAD problems. Written by and for RF and microwave engineers, you get a thorough survey of recent neural network application in modeling microstrip lines, vias, CPW discontinuities, spiral inductors, printed antennas, FET, and VLSI interconnects. Neural networks have also been used for speeding up harmonic balance simulations and optimizations, Smith chart representation and automatic impedance matching, and statistical design of passive and active microwave circuits. This books helps you: Relate problems encountered in RF and microwave design to possible solutions utilizing neural networks; Understand how neural nets can be structured and trained for modeling various RF and microwave components, including various electromagnetic structures, and how to optimize the geometry of some of these components; Learn how neural networks can be used in modeling of interconnects used in high-speed digital circuits, as well as RF and microwave circuits Develop small-signal and large-signal models for various active devices such as FETs, HBTs, and HMETs, and how to directly incorporate neural network models into circuit simulation and design; Develop neural net models for RF and microwave components using the accompanying software. This book also details a methodology for creating knowledge-based design using neural networks, and a discussion of emerging trends in this dynamic new field. Utilizing extensive illustrations and equations, this is a complete, cutting-edge reference for RF and microwave researchers and designers, CAD tool developers, and students and academics.
Introduction and Overview. Modeling and Optimization for Design. Neural Network Structures. Training of Neural Networks. Models for RF/Microwave Components. Modeling of Interconnects. Active Device Modeling. Circuit Analysis and Optimization. Knowledge-Based ANN Models. Concluding Remarks and Emerging Trends. Appendix: ANN Modeling Software Available
  • K. C. Gupta
  • Q. J. Zhang
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