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Optical Fiber Amplifiers: Materials, Devices, and Applications

Optical Fiber Amplifiers: Materials, Devices, and Applications

Copyright: 1997
Pages: 627
ISBN: 9780890068090

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Optical fiber amplifiers are hot! Characterized by low noise and high gain power, these compact, broadband amplifiers promise to revolutionize the field of optical communications by making information technology widely accessible to more of the population. Prepared by six leading professionals in the industry, this comprehensive reference provides you with a solid grounding in this emerging technology, helps you better understand the basic phenomena behind OF amplifiers - and gives you the practical knowledge you need to design and produce your own OF systems. If you're an engineer or researcher in optical communications or a related field, you'll welcome this authoritative guide that provides you with a totally up-to-date review of optical fiber amplifier technology: Overview and related technologies; OF amplifier requirements; Energy states of rare earth ions in condensed materials and optical amplification transitions; Rare earth doped fiber design techniques and the microscopic structure of rare earth doped glasses; Device technology and amplification characteristics. The book also describes the behavior of rare earth ions in amplification, examines the key issues involved in fiber amplification, and highlights the design and material technology of fiber amplifiers. Includes 180 equations and nearly 240 illustrations.
1.Introduction: Brief History of Optics and Quantum Electronics. Brief History of Physics and Alternating Growth of Science and Technology. Brief History of Optical Fiber Amplifiers. Brief History of Optical Communications, Transmission Media, and Optical Fibers. 2.Outline of Optical Fiber Amplifiers: Application Systems and Requirements for Optical Fiber Amplifiers. Outline of Rare-Earth Ions and Amplification in Fibers. Key Issues for Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers. Key Issues Regarding Praseodymium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers. Other Wavelength Amplifiers. Key Issues Regarding Fabrication Technologies and Material Structures. Recent Topics on Amplified Systems. 3. Rare-Earth Ions in Glasses and Transitions for Optical Amplification: The Configuration of the 4 f States in Condensed Materials. The Judd-Ofelt Theory for Determining Transition Intensities. Other Procedures for Obtaining Emission Cross Sections. Energy Transfer Phenomena Between Rare Earths. Nonradiative Relaxation by the Multiphonon Emission Process. Spectral Broadening Phenomena. Three- and Four-Level Amplifier Systems. 4. Fiber Materials and Fabrications: Fiber Materials and Compositions. Transmission Loss of Fiber Materials. Thermal Properties of Fiber Materials. High-Silica Fiber Fabrication Process and Rare-Earth Doping. Multicomponent Glass Fiber Fabrication Process. Fluoride Fiber Fabrication Process. Chalcogenide Fiber Fabrication Process. Crystalline Fiber Fabrication Process. Reliability of Amplifier Host Fibers. 5. Amplification Characteristics of a Fiber Amplifier - Components, Design, and Amplification Characteristics of a Fiber Amplifier Module: Fiber Amplifier Related Devices. Amplification Characteristics of Fiber Amplifiers Modules. 6. Conclusions
  • Kazuo Fujiura
  • Terutoshi Kanamori
  • Yasutake Ohishi
  • Makoto Shimizu
  • Shoichi Sudo Shoichi Sudo is director of NTT Microsystem Integration Laboratories in Atsugi-shi, Japan, and was the organizer of the recent International Symposium on New Frontiers for Ubiquitous IT Services held in Japan. He is also the coauthor of Frequency Stabilization of Semiconductor Laser Diodes (Artech House, 1995).
  • Makoto Yamada
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