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Optical Fiber Sensors, Volume 2: Systems and Applications

Optical Fiber Sensors, Volume 2: Systems and Applications

By (author)s: Brian Culshaw, John P. Dakin
Copyright: 1989
Pages: 599
ISBN: 9780890063767

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Highlighting the potential fiber optics have for sensing and measuring physical parameters, this book brings you up-to-date on the latest developments and basic concepts of systems in this rapidly expanding field. The book considers crucial aspects of distributed and multiplexed sensors to expand the capability of single sensors in comparison with individual point-sensor systems. 450 equations, 344 line illustrations, and 69 tables supply a thorough review of interferometers, analysis on fiber optic gyroscope optimization, mechanical and optical devices in fiber optic sensor systems, and a timely survey of multiplexed and distributed optical fiber sensor systems and their economic benefits for complex monitoring stations.
Preface. Interferometers. Fiber-Optic Gyroscope. Intensity and Wavelength-Based Sensor and Optical Actuators. Silicon in Optical Fiber Sensors. Point Sensor Multiplexing Principles. Distributed Optical Fiber Sensor Systems. Chemical, Biochemical and Medical Sensors. Physical and Chemical Sensors for Process Control. Applications of Fiber Optic Sensors in the Aerospace and Marine Industries. Some Other Applications for Fiber Optic Sensors. The Market Situation. Index.
  • Brian Culshaw Brian Culshaw has been a professor of electronics at Strathclyde University, Scotland since 1983, where he currently serves as head of the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering.
  • John P. Dakin
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