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Phased Array Antennas with Optimized Element Patterns

Phased Array Antennas with Optimized Element Patterns

By (author): Sergei Skobelev
Copyright: 2011
Pages: 288
ISBN: 9781608071906

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This authoritative resource provides you with a detailed description of ideal array element characteristics that help you estimate the quality of development of real-world phased array antennas. You find several approaches to optimum phased array design, allowing you to provide specified array gain in a specific region of scan, using a minimum number of expensive, controlled devices. Moreover, this practical book presents important numerical methods that you can use to model and optimize phased array structure to obtain the best array characteristics that the chosen structure can provide. From arrays with beam-forming networks, arrays of coupled dual-mode waveguides, and arrays with reactively loaded radiators, to waveguide arrays with protruding dielectric elements, and arrays with strip, disk, and wire structures, this comprehensive reference explains a wide range of essential topics to help you with work in this challenging area. The book is supported with over 165 illustrations and more than 566 equations.
Preface ; Introduction ; General Concepts and Relations - Basic Characteristics. Infinite Array Model. Ideal Element Pattern. Element Pattern with Nonideal Contour. Minimum Number of Controlled Elements. Two-Dimensional Problems for One-Dimensional Periodic Structures. ; Arrays with Beam-Forming Networks - Overview of Technical Solutions. Multicascaded Chessboard Network. Experimental Study of the Chessboard Network. A Linear Array with Chessboard Network as a Feed of a Parabolic Cylindrical Antenna. Quasioptical Analogs of the Chessboard Network. ; Arrays of Coupled Dual-Mode Waveguides - A Simplified Model. An Improved Model for Scanning in E-Plane. Array Structure for Scanning in H-Plane. Experimental Study of the H-Plane Array. ; Arrays with Reactively Loaded Radiators - On Application of Reactive Loads in Array Antennas. Modulated Corrugated Structure Excited by Electric and Magnetic Currents. Modulated Corrugated Structure with Active Waveguides. ; Waveguide Arrays with Protruding Dielectric Elements - Waveguide-Dielectric Arrays and Structures. Overview of the Methods and Results. Hybrid Projective Method in Two-Dimensional Problems (E-Polarization). Excitation of Array in TEM-Mode (H-Polarization). Three-Dimensional Problem. ; Arrays with Strip, Disk, and Wire Structures - Experimental Breadboard of Array with Multidisk Radiators. Waveguide Arrays with Strip Structures. Planar Array of Circular Waveguides with Disk Structures. Arrays of Yagi-Uda Antenna Elements. Arrays of Waveguides with Semitransparent Wire-Grid Walls. ; Appendices. About the Author. Index;
  • Sergei Skobelev Sergei P. Skobelev is a leading research associate at Radiophyzika in Moscow. He holds an M.S. in Radio Electronics and a Ph.D. in antennas and microwave devices, both from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Dr. Skobelev is s senior member of the IEEE and was the secretary and vice chairman of the Moscow Antennas and Propagation Society Chapter in the IEEE Russian Section.
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