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Plasma Antennas

Plasma Antennas

By (author): Theodore Anderson
Copyright: 2011
Pages: 212
ISBN: 9781608071449

eBook £102.00
The plasma antenna is an emerging technology that partially or fully utilizes ionized gas as the conducting medium instead of metal to create an antenna. The key advantages of plasma antennas are that they are highly reconfigurable and can be turned on and off. The disadvantage is that the plasma antennas require energy to be ionized. This unique resource provides you with a solid understanding of the efficient design and prototype development of plasma antennas, helping you to meet the challenge of reducing the power required to ionize the gas at various plasma densities. You also find thorough coverage of the technical underpinnings of plasma antennas, as well as important discussions on current markets and applications. Additionally, the book presents experimental work in the this cutting-edge area and reveals the latest developments in the field. This in-depth reference is supported with over 70 illustrations and more than 110 equations.
Introduction; Plasma Physics for Plasma Antennas - Mathematical Models of Plasma Physics. Man-Made Plasmas and Some Applications. Basic Physics of Reflection and Transmission from a Plasma Slab Barrier. Experiments of Scattering Off of a Plasma Cylinder. Governing Plasma Fluid Equations for Applications to Plasma Antennas. Incident Signal on a Cylindrical Plasma. Fourier Expansion of the Plasma Antenna Current Density. Plasma Antenna Poynting Vector. Some Finite Element Solution Techniques for Plasma Antennas.; Fundamental Plasma Antenna Theory - Net Radiated Power from a Center-Fed Dipole Plasma Antenna. Reconfigurable Impedance of a Plasma Antenna. Thermal Noise in Plasma Antennas.; Building a Basic Plasma Antenna -Introduction. Electrical Safety Warning. Building a Basic Plasma Antenna: Design I. Building a Basic Plasma Antenna: Design II. Materials. Building a Basic Plasma Antenna: Design III. ; Plasma Antenna Nesting, Stacking Plasma Antenna Arrays, and Reduction of Cosite Interference -Introduction. Physics of Reflection and Transmission of Electromagnetic Waves Through Plasma. Nested Plasma Antenna Concept. Cosite Interference Reduction Using Plasma Antennas. Plasma Antenna Nesting Experiments.; Plasma Antenna Windowing: Foundation of the Smart Plasma Antenna Design -Introduction. The Smart Plasma Antenna Design: The Windowing Concept. Theoretical Analysis with Numerical Results of Plasma Windows.; Smart Plasma Antennas -Introduction. Smart Antennas. Early Design and Experimental Work for the Smart Plasma Antenna. Microcontroller for the Smart Plasma Antenna. Commercial Smart Plasma Antenna Prototype. Reconfigurable Bandwidth of the Smart Plasma Antenna. Effect of Polarization on Plasma Tubes in the Smart Plasma Antenna. Generation of Dense Plasmas at Low Average Power Input by Power Pulsing: An Energy-Efficient Technique to Obtain High-Frequency Plasma Antennas. Fabry-Perot Resonator for Faster Operation of the Smart Plasma Antenna. Speculative Applications of the Smart Plasma Antenna in Wireless Technologies.; Plasma Frequency Selective Surfaces -Introduction. Theoretical Calculations and Numerical Results. Results.; Experimental Work -Introduction. Fundamental Plasma Antenna Experiments. Suppressing or Eliminating EMI Noise Created by the Spark-Gap Technique. Conclusions on the Plasma Reflector Antenna. Plasma Waveguides. Plasma Frequency Selective Surfaces. Pulsing Technique. Plasma Antenna Nesting Experiment. High-Power Plasma Antennas. Basic Plasma Density and Plasma Frequency Measurements. Plasma Density Plasma Frequency Measurements with a Microwave Interferometer and Preionization . Ruggedization and Mechanical Robustness of Plasma Antennas.; Directional and Electronically Steerable Plasma Antenna Systems by Reconfigurable Multipole Expansions of Plasma Antennas -Introduction. Multipole Plasma Antenna Designs and Far Fields.; Satellite Plasma Antenna Concepts -Introduction. Data Rates. Satellite Plasma Antenna Concepts and Design. ; Plasma Antenna Thermal Noise -Introduction. Modified Nyquist Theorem and Thermal Noise. ; About the Author. Index.;
  • Theodore Anderson

    is the founder, CEO, principal investigator, and CFO for Haleakala Research and Development, Inc. He holds an M.S. in applied science and physics and a Ph.D. in physics, all from New York University.

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