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Post-Processing Techniques for Integrated MEMS

Post-Processing Techniques for Integrated MEMS

By (author): Sherif Sedky
Copyright: 2005
Pages: 234
ISBN: 9781580539012

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eBook £71.00
This groundbreaking resource presents cutting-edge post-processing techniques for the monolithic integration of MEMS. You learn how to select MEMS structural layers that can be processed on top of standard pre-fabricated electronics and will optimize the performance and reliability of the MEMS device. Supported with over 240 illustrations, the book details a modular integration process that won't modify the electronics fabrication process or impose any limitation for optimizing the physical properties of the MEMS structural layers. You discover how to enhance crystallization of semiconductor materials locally without affecting underlying metal layers, and learn how to eliminate stress gradient, reduce mean stress, and optimize electrical conductivity of the MEMS structural layer at a CMOS backend compatible temperature. The book provides expert guidance in selecting deposition techniques for MEMS structural layers that enhance growth rate and at the same time yield attractive physical properties for a wide range of applications. Moreover, this comprehensive volume explains how to determine the maximum processing temperature of MEMS on top of standard pre-fabricated electronics to help you avoid damage to the driving electronics.
Preface. Acknowledgement.; MEMS Monolithic Integration Techniques - MEMS Fabrication Technologies. MEMS Monolithic Integration Technology.; Maximum Post-Processing Temperature - CMOS Technology. Impact of Annealing on Back End. Impact of Annealing Temperature on the Front End.; MEMS Materials - Stress and Stress Gradient in thin Films. Metals as a MEMS Structural Layer. Semiconductor and Dielectric Materials.; Silicon Germanium as an Attractive MEMS Material - Actual Wafer Temperature. Growth Kinetics of Silicon Germanium. Conduction Mechanism in Polycrystalline Silicon Germanium. Electrical Properties of Polycrystalline Silicon Germanium. Electrical Noise in Polycrystalline Silicon Germanium. Thermal Properties of Silicon Germanium. Stress in Polycrystalline Silicon Germanium. Stress Gradient in Si1-xGex. ; Low Thermal Budget Techniques for Enhancing Crystallization - Metal Induced Crystallization of SiGe. Laser Induced Crystallization.; Post-Processed MEMS Devices - Monolithically Integrated Surface Micromachined Structures. Monolithic Integration Using Bulk Micromachining and DRIE.; Short Author Biography. List of Acronyms. List of Keywords.;
  • Sherif Sedky Sherif Sedky is an associate professor in the physics department at The American University in Cairo. He received both his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in electronic engineering from Katholiek Univeriteit, Leuven, Belgium. He is an extensively published author and holder of four patents.
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