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Power System State Estimation

Power System State Estimation

By (author): Mukhtar Ahmad
Copyright: 2012
Pages: 208
ISBN: 9781608075126

eBook £95.00
State estimation is one of the most important functions in power system operation and control. This area is concerned with the overall monitoring, control, and contingency evaluation of power systems. It is mainly aimed at providing a reliable estimate of system voltages. State estimator information flows to control centers, where critical decisions are made concerning power system design and operations. This valuable resource provides thorough coverage of this area, helping professionals overcome challenges involving system quality, reliability, security, stability, and economy. Engineers are introduced to new techniques for their work in the field, including current measurements and phasor measurement units. Moreover, the book includes a novel discussion on state estimation for distributed systems. Professionals find expert guidance for their current projects and discover cutting-edge developments that will help prepare them for work with future energy management systems.
Energy Management Systems - Real-Time Control of a Power System. Energy Control Center. Security Analysis and Monitoring. State Estimation. ; Power Flow Equations - Power System Representation. Admittance Diagram. Power Flow Analysis. Decoupled Power Flow. Visual Tools for Power Flow Studies. DC Power Flow. Regulating Transformers. ; Weighted Least Square Estimation -Introduction. Properties of Weighted Least Square Estimates. Maximum Likelihood Weighted Least Square State Estimation. Matrix Formulation and Measurement Model. WLS State Estimation Algorithm. Decoupled State Estimation Method. DC State Estimator. ; Network Observability and Pseudomeasurements - Network Graphs and Matrices. Bus Admittance and Bus Impedance Matrices. Loop Equations. Observability Analysis. Branch Variable Formulation. Network Topology Processing. Network Configuration. Topology Error Processing. Detection and Identification of Topology Errors. ; Bad Data Detection - Bad Data Detection in WLS Method. Methods of Bad Data Detection. Identification of Bad Data. Hypothesis Testing Identification. Case Study: Improved Bad Data Processing with Strategic Placement of PMUs.; Robust State Estimation - Basic Formulation. Breakdown Points. M-Estimators. State Estimation Methods with Bad Data Rejection Properties. Least Absolute Value State Estimators. Simplex Method. Interior Point Algorithm. LMS Estimator. ; State Estimation Using Line Current Measurements -Introduction. Modeling State Equations. State Estimation with Current Measurements. Methods to Obtain a Unique Solution in the Presence of Current Measurements. Determining the Uniqueness of a Solution Based on Numerical Methods. Bad Data Detection in the Presence of Current Measurements. Some Observations. ; Phasor Measurement Units Applications in State Estimation - Synchronized Phasor Measurements. Application of PMUs in Static State Estimation. Combining Conventional and PMU Measurements. Phasor Measurements in Dynamic State Estimation. Optimal PMU Placement. Some Observations.; Distribution System State Estimation -Introduction. Pseudomeasurements. State Estimation for Radial Distribution Systems. Branch Current Based Estimation Method. Object-Oriented State Estimation. Measurement Placement. State Estimation with Kalman Filter. ;
  • Mukhtar Ahmad Mukhtar Ahmad is a professor in the Department of electrical engineering at Aligarh Muslim University in India. He holds an M.Sc. in electrical engineering and a Ph.D. in electrical power engineering from that same university.
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