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Practical ESM Analysis

Practical ESM Analysis

By (author): Sue Robertson
Copyright: 2019
Pages: 460
ISBN: 9781630815288

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Written by a prominent expert in the field, this authoritative resource considers radar parameters and how they affect ESM systems. It describes the ESM environment, including types of radar, pulse density, the latest radar developments and how they will be seen by ESM systems. Different types of ESM systems are described, with methods of calculation of Direction of Arrival (DOA) of pulses. Conventional wisdom about RF scan strategies for narrow-band receivers will be challenged and new methods (proven to be effective in trials) will be proposed. The book describes ESM Antenna separation, which plays a significant part in the generation of DOA errors, with examples of the effects for different situations.


The book will explain the common phenomena seen in ESM systems with many examples of how to recognize issues in the ESM data and solutions for their mitigation. Techniques for visualizing ESM data and how to set up ESM trials will be given, including the simulation of the electromagnetic environment. The book also presents detailed calculations for generating emitter beam-shapes for use in simulations of pulse trains and the calculation of detection range will be useful for data analysts, trials engineers and system assessors, which are not published elsewhere. The identification of radars by ESM systems is considered in detail with ideas presented on how to generate an effective radar library.

Introduction; Radar Parameters and how they affect ESM Systems; The RF Environment ; Types of ESM; Amplitude Comparison ESM; Time Difference of Arrival ESM; Phase Comparison ESM; De-interleavers and ESM Processing; Location Estimation; ESM Performance Analysis; ESM Trials; Multi-tracking; Reflections and Multipath; Factors affecting multipath; The Extent of the Multipath Problem and Possible Solutions; Radar Identification and ESM Libraries; ESM Library Construction; Advanced Topics.
  • Sue Robertson

    is a defense consultant with more than 20 years experience. She has written over 100 technical reports and has presented papers and chaired technical sessions at international conferences on electronic warfare and maritime security. She is also the chairman of the UK EW SME Working Group and has contributed evidence to UK Parliamentary Committees on subjects such as maritime reconnaissance and security issues.

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