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Practical Microstrip Design and Applications

Practical Microstrip Design and Applications

By (author): Gunter Kompa
Copyright: 2005
Pages: 542
ISBN: 9781580539807

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Offering a comprehensive, practical treatment of microstrip circuit design and thorough look at the underpinnings of this important area of planar technology, this unique book is the perfect reference for engineers at all levels. The book provides you with an in-depth survey of microstrip technique and shows you how to overcome design problems with quarter/half wavelength and multistep transformers, power amplifier matching, and filter circuits. Moreover, you find expert guidance in avoiding the parasitics caused by higher-order modes. This authoritative volume examines common microstrip design software, analyzing implemented models and discussing design results obtained from both schematic and electromagnetic field simulation. Additonally, the book acquaints you with the most important circuit design tools being utilized in today's software packages. From basic microstrip analysis, the dispersion of the microstrip line, and an overview of various waveguide models, to microstrip conductive and dielectric losses, applications of microstrip circuit design, and a detailed look at the key technological aspects of this area, this all-encompassing book serves as one-stop resource for your varied projects in the field.
Introduction. Overview of Strip Transmission Lines. Methods of Microstrip Analysis. Dispersion on Microstrip Line. Planar Waveguide Model. Microstrip Discontinuities. Microstrip Losses. Technology. Microstrip Filter Design. Appendix.
  • Gunter Kompa Gunter Kompa is the High Frequency Engineering Chair at the University of Kassel, Germany. He holds both a Dipl.-Ing. and Dr.-Ing degree in electrical engineering from the Institute of High Frequency Engineering at the Technical University of Aachen, Germany.
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