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Principles of Modern Radar Missile Seekers

Principles of Modern Radar Missile Seekers

By (author): Evgeny Markin
Copyright: 2020
Pages: 350
ISBN: 9781630817770

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This book gives you an in-depth look into the critical function of interference shielding for onboard radar of anti-aircraft missile systems. Intended for radar engineers and technicians specializing in anti-aircraft defense, the book reviews today’s military and geo-political threats, helps you understand the functional needs of the various radar and anti-missile systems to meet those threats, and synthesizes considerations for devising practical and effective protection against interferences that affect the homing heads of anti-aircraft guided missiles.


Three problematic interferences are presented and discussed in detail: polarization interference; interference to the sidelobe of onboard antennas; and interference from two points in space, including interference reflected from the earth (water) surface.


The book covers the basic principles of radiolocation, including monopulse radars, and gives insight into the fundamental functional units of anti-aircraft missiles and surface-to-air missile systems. The book presents guidance methods, systems of direction finding, problems on firing over the horizon, and questions of accuracy and resolution – all important for better addressing solutions of interference shielding. You will learn how to estimate the stability of target auto-tracking under conditions of cited interferences, and better assess existing limitations on firing over the horizon by a long-range antiaircraft system, as well as hypersonic targets and satellites.


This is a unique and valuable resource for engineers and technicians who are involved in the design and development of anti-aircraft guided missile systems, with special emphasis on interference immunity and protection. It can also be used as a textbook in advanced radar technology coursework and seminars.

Introduction; Tactical and technical characteristics of anti-aircraft missile system; Firing over the horizon; Radio control of atmospheric anti-aircraft missile; Command radio control systems; Homing systems; Radar; Monopulse radars; Some interferences for monopulse radar; Interference immunity of monopulse radar; Modeling; Interference detection problem; Synthesis of solution to improve interference immunity against impact of polarization interference; Synthesis of solution to improve interference immunity against impact of sidelobe interference; Synthesis of solution to improve interference immunity against interference from two points in space
  • Evgeny Markin

    received a master’s degree in mathematics from Novosibirsk State University and a MS degree in electrical engineering from the Minsk Higher Engineering Anti-Aircraft Missile Academy of Air Defense. After graduating from Minsk Higher Engineering in 1983, he entered active military service in the USSR Air Defense Forces as an officer leading an anti-aircraft missile battalion; in this role he was responsible for making decisions regarding the launch of missiles. His professional experience includes working with anti-jamming air defense systems at The Sary-Shagan state missile defense research site, located in Kazakhstan, where he produced a new anti-aircraft missile system, the S-200D. Then Evgeny became a lead designer at the State Research and Development Bureau ALMAZ, located in Russia, where he was instrumental in the development of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system. Currently, Evgeny serves as the managing member at Richemar LLC in Florida.

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