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RF Bulk Acoustic Wave Filters for Communications

RF Bulk Acoustic Wave Filters for Communications

By (author): Ken-Ya Hashimoto
Copyright: 2009
Pages: 346
ISBN: 9781596933217

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For years, surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters have been widely used as radio frequency front-end filters and duplexers for mobile communication systems. Recently, bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filters are gaining more popularly for their performance benefits and are being utilized more and more in the design of today's cutting-edge mobile devices and systems. This timely book presents a thorough overview of RF BAW filters, covering a vast range of technologies, optimal device design, filter topologies, packaging, fabrication processes, and high quality piezoelectric thin films. Moreover, the book discusses the integration of BAW filters in RF systems.
Background and History - BAW Technology Background. Thin Plate Resonators: Towards High Frequencies. Composite Resonators. Development of Thin Films. Multidimensional Effects. Legacy Filter Topologies. Some Acoustic Device and Materials Processing Legacy. ; Resonator and Filter Topologies - Plate Edge-Supported Resonators. Solidly Mounted Resonators. Electrode Metallization. Temperature Compensation. Electrically Coupled Filters. Acoustically Coupled Filters. Wide-Bandwidth Tuned Coupled Resonator Filters. Hybrid Filters. Summary. ; BAW Device Basics - Thin Film Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonator. Basic Physics. Device Design. Summary. ; Design and Fabrication of BAW Devices - Design Considerations for BAW Devices. Fabrication of BAW Devices. Application Space for BAW-FBAR Technology. ; FBAR Resonators and Filters -Introduction. FBAR Technology. FBAR Filters. Conclusions. ; Comparison with SAW Devices -Introduction. Structural Comparison and Features. Resonator Performance and Reliability. Filter Design. Manufacturing Process. Temperature Compensation Technique. Application Map. ; Thin Films Deposition for BAW Devices - Most Commonly Used Piezoelectric Materials. Methods of Deposition of Piezoelectric Films. Metal Deposition for BAW Applications. ; Characterization of BAW Devices -Introduction. Single-Layer Material Characterization. Laser Interferometry. Loss Mechanisms. Electrical Characterization. ; Monolithic Integration -Introduction. Compatibility Issues Between IC and BAW Technologies. Practical Implementation. Conclusion. ; System-in-Package Integration -Introduction. Trends in Front-End Integration for Wireless Applications. SiP Technologies. SiP Design. Test and Industrialization, Known-Good Die Concept. RF-SiP Examples. ; Glossary. About the Author. List of Contributors. Index ;
  • Ken-Ya Hashimoto Ken-ya Hashimoto is a professor in the Department of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering at Chiba University in Japan. He holds an M.Eng. and a D.Eng. degree in electrical engineering from Chiba University and the Tokyo Institute of Technology, respectively.
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