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RF Linear Accelerators for Medical & Ind. Appls.

RF Linear Accelerators for Medical & Ind. Appls.

By (author): Samy Hanna
Copyright: 2012
Pages: 210
ISBN: 9781608070916

eBook £60.00
This unique resource offers you a clear overview of medical and industrial accelerators. Using minimal mathematics, this book focuses on offering thorough explanations of basic concepts surrounding the operation of accelerators. you find well illustrated discussions designed to help you use accelerator-based systems in a safer, more productive, and more reliable manner. This practical book details the manufacturing process for producing accelerators for medical and industrial applications. You become knowledgeable about the commonly encountered real-world manufacturing issues and potential sources of defects which help you avoid costly production problems. From principles of operation and the role of accelerators in cancer radiation therapy, to manufacturing techniques and future trends in accelerator design and applications, this easy-to-comprehend volume quickly brings you up-to-speed with the critical concepts you need to understand for your work in the field.
Introduction - Overview of Role of Accelerators in Our Lives. A Glance at the History of Accelerator Development. Cancer Radiation Therapy. Market for Industrial Accelerators. ; Linac Basic Concepts and Constituents - Fundamental Concepts and Definitions. Coupled Accelerator Cavities. Linac 's Different Configurations. Electron Gun Operation. X-Ray Generation and Target Design. ; Linac Supporting System -IntroductionThe Linac as a Source for Electron and X-Ray Beams. Linac Auxiliary Systems. Radio Frequency (RF) System.; Manufacturing Techniques of Accelerators - Overview of Manufacturing Processes. Material Requirements. Cavity Machining. Chemical Cleaning. Assembly and Bonding Techniques. Tuning of Linacs. Thermal Outgasing (Bake-Out). Electron Gun Activation. High-Power RF Conditioning. Linac 's Beam Tests and Test Bunkers. Common Manufacturing Issues and Imperfections. Quality Systems in Linac Manufacturing. Guidelines for Linac Buyers and Users. ; Role of Linear Accelerators in Cancer Radiation Therapy - Basic Radiation Therapy Concepts and Definitions. Radionuclides-Based Radiation Therapy. Accelerator-Based Radiation Therapy. The Medical Linac Requirements. Clinical Use of Linacs in Radiation Therapy. Conformal Radiation Therapy. Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT). Stereotactic Radiosurgery. Intraoperative Radiation Therapy. Concluding Remarks. ; Accelerator-Based Industrial Applications - Use of Accelerators in Material Processing. Sterilization of Medical Products and Food Irradiation. Environmental Applications of Accelerators. Nondestructive Testing. Security and Inspection Applications. Ion Implantation in Semiconductor Chip Fabrication. Concluding Remarks. ; Large Accelerators - Large Accelerator Facilities for High-Energy Physics. Synchrotrons Sources. Cancer Particle Therapy. ; Recent Developments and Future Trends in Accelerator Technology - Free-Electron Laser. Accelerator-Based Neutron Sources. Plasma-Based Accelerators. Dielectric Wall Accelerators. Concluding Remarks.;
  • Samy Hanna Samy Hanna is the owner of Microwave Innovative Accelerators (MINA), a consulting company in the area of RF engineering. He has over 20 years of engineering experience in education, research, and industry. He was previously a principal engineer at Siemens Medical, an engineering physicist at Stanford University, and an associate professor of electrical engineering at Polytechnic University in New York. A Senior Member of the IEEE, Dr. Hanna earned his electrical engineering from Purdue University.
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