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Radar Detection and Tracking Systems

Radar Detection and Tracking Systems

By (author): Shaheen A. Hovanessian
Copyright: 1973
Pages: 412
ISBN: 9780890060186

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This text includes a uniform treatment of radar and detection theory as it applies to modern integrated radar systems. Radars can be considered as the target detection device of an overall target detection and tracking system. Within such a system, a digital computer is an integral part; therefore a discussion of radar theory and its applications is supplemented by computer implementation methods. Instructional problems and their solutions are included in each chapter, facilitating both individual study and classroom use.
Basic Radar Definitions. Transmitter Power, Antenna Coverage and Gain. Target Cross Section, Receiver Noise and System Losses. Radar Measurements. Probability of Detection and SNR. Reflection of Radar Waves, Mainlobe, and Sidelobe Clutter. SAR and Pulse Compression Techniques. Digital Processing of Radar Data. Track-While-Scan Concepts and Electronic Scan. Navigation Radars, Terrain-Following and Terrain-Avoidance Radars, Altimetry Radars, Weather Avoidance Radars. Radar Beacons, Instrumentations Radar Astronomy.
  • Shaheen A. Hovanessian
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