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Radar Propagation at Low Altitudes

Radar Propagation at Low Altitudes

By (author): Littleton M. Meeks
Copyright: 1982
Pages: 116
ISBN: 9780890061183

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The propagation of electromagnetic waves has been studied from various viewpoints for over fifty years. In this new volume, M.L. Meeks presents a tutorial review of the physics of radar propagation at low altitudes of various kinds of terrain in a frequency range from VHF to millimeter waves. This volume treats the propagation phenomena that determine the detection performance of ground-based radars against aircraft flying at low altitudes. This book is written from the radar point of view, but it is equally useful in understanding radio communication between ground-based stations or low flying aircraft. It will be of special interest to anyone in the mobile communications industry. A bibliography of nearly 200 references to books, papers, and reports detailing this subject is a significant feature. It is the most comprehensive bibliography published to date. The book concludes with simple propagation models that combine the fundamental physical phenomena. Computer programs, in FORTRAN, are included in the appendices. Electromagnetic waves have applications to telecommunication and television coverage prediction, microwave link design, mobile radio communication, and radar performance prediction.
Introduction. The Pattern Propagation Factor. Refraction Effects. Reflection and Absorption Effects of Terrain. Diffraction Effects. Propagation Models. Summary. Appendices and Bibliography.
  • Littleton M. Meeks
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