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Radar Range-Performance Analysis

Radar Range-Performance Analysis

By (author): Lamont V. Blake
Copyright: 1986
Pages: 445
ISBN: 9780890062241

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Here is the most comprehensive book available on the theory and practice of predicting the range perfromance of target tracking radars. Radar Range-Performance Analysis provides you - radar engineers and military operations analysts - with the only unified treatment of all factors of the radar range equations, including effects of the earth's environment. Radar Range-Performance Analysis shows you how to derive the radar range equation with the degree of rigor you need to apply the equation to actual problems you face every day. Originally published by Lexington Books, Radar Range-Performance Analysis contains hundreds of detailed equations, graphs, and tables illustrating for you the methods for numerically evaluating individual factors of radar equations. If you are a radar engineer who needs the most thorough source on predicting the range performance of surveillance radars, order Radar Range-Performance Analysis today!
Radar Range Equations. The Detection of Signals. Target Cross Section. Noise in Receiving Systems. Effects of the Earth's Atmosphere. Multipath Propagation. Clutter, Interference and Signal Processing. Pulse-Radar Detection-Range Computation. Special Types of Radar.
  • Lamont V. Blake
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