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Radar Reflectivity of Land and Sea

Radar Reflectivity of Land and Sea

Copyright: 1983
Pages: 421
ISBN: 9780890061305

Artech House is pleased to offer you this title in a special In-Print-Forever® ( IPF® ) hardbound edition. This book is not available from inventory but can be printed at your request and delivered within 2-4 weeks of receipt of order. Please note that because IPF® books are printed on demand, returns cannot be accepted.

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Originally published in 1975, Radar Reflectivity of Land and Sea has been revised and updated with a foreword containing an extensive bibliography, and appendices. The new material includes discussions on temporal and spatial statistics of radar echo, comparisons between lognormal and Weibull distribution, and dependencies of tree echo spectra on wavelength. This revised edition provides references to land and sea clutter models and sources of new data for microwaves and millimeter waves. Focusing on microwave backscatter, the book will be of prime interest to radar engineers and those who use radars to solve problems in target detection and early warning, navigation, mapping and surveillance, and measurement of surface properties.
Remote Sensing by Radar. Basic Concepts and Definitions. Polarization, Depolarization, and Theories of Scattering. Effects of the Earth's Surface. Echo Fluctuations. Average and Median Cross Sections. Interdependence of Polarization Characteristics. Appendices.
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