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Radar System Design and Analysis

Radar System Design and Analysis

By (author): Shaheen A. Hovanessian
Copyright: 1984
Pages: 386
ISBN: 9780890061473

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Here is the most comprehensive treatment of all aspects of radar design. Radar System Design and Analysis covers the complete range of radar design and applications - from the basics to the most up-to-date developments in radar theory and installations. Easy-to-read and understand, Radar System Design is the ideal textbook for students needing an introduction to radar basics - including time delay, Doppler principle, and frequency-time relationships. The book features problem sets and answers throughout. Experienced radar engineers and designer will benefit from Radar System Design and Analysis' comprehensive discussion of methods of calculating clutter power, synthetic array radars, pulse compression methods, and ECM calculations. Radar System Design gives you hundreds of ready-to use radar design calculation methods, and will bring you up-to-date on new radar developments including PRF radar performance, millimeter wave and laser radars.
Basic Radar Definitions. Transmitter Power, Antenna Coverage, and Gain. Target Cross Section, Receiver Noise, and System Losses. Mathematical Derivation of Radar Relations. Pulsed Radars. Probability of Detection and Signal-to-Noise Ratio. Reflection of Radar Waves, Mainlobe and Sidelobe Clutter, Weather Conditions. Synthetic Array Radars and Pulse Compression Techniques. Fourier Analysis and Digital Processing of Radar Data. Track-While-Scan Concepts and Electronic Scan. Millimeter Wave and Laser Radar Systems. Radar Applications I and II. Basic Electronic Countermeasures.
  • Shaheen A. Hovanessian
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