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Radar and the Atmosphere

Radar and the Atmosphere

By (author): Alfred Bogush
Copyright: 1989
Pages: 375
ISBN: 9780890062227

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A comprehensive review of atmosphere-related radar problems, this book compiles radar, microwave, electromagnetic, and meteorological data in one convenient reference. The text features new procedures of modeling atmospheric effects and describes the atmosphere in detail from a radar engineer's perspective. Radar and the Atmosphere discusses both the theoretical and practical aspects of the radar equation with respect to the atmosphere, and is the first book to consider generalized Guassian beam approximations for large aperture antennas and radar equation applications. With 165 figures, 30 tables, and 500 equations, this text provides a comprehensive introductory view of radar and the atmospheric environment while combining the best theoretical views with practical applications.
Preface. Acknowledgements. Part I:Introduction. Part II: The Radar Equation. Classical Forms. A Formal Treatment. Gaussian Forms. Part III: The Atmospheric Environment: The Atmosphere. Global Rain Regions. Part IV: Data Compilations and Models: The Clear Air Environment. Rain Data Compilations. Cloud Environments. Appendix A: Gaussian Antenna Scaling Factors and Series Coefficients. Appendix B: Statistical Data for Fractal Models. Appendix C: Bibliography. Index.
  • Alfred Bogush
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