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Radars, Volume 1: Monopolse Radar

Radars, Volume 1: Monopolse Radar

By (author): David K. Barton
Copyright: 1974
Pages: 344
ISBN: 9780890060308

Artech House is pleased to offer you this title in a special In-Print-Forever® ( IPF® ) hardbound edition. This book is not available from inventory but can be printed at your request and delivered within 2-4 weeks of receipt of order. Please note that because IPF® books are printed on demand, returns cannot be accepted.

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Monopulse Tracking Accuracy, including Thermal Noise, Target Effects, and Radar Equipment Errors. Use of Monopulse for Target Resolution through Complex Angle Processing. Design of Multiple-Horn and Feeds for Phased Arrays. Performance of Monpulse Tracking Radar Systems for Precision Range Instrumentation.
  • David K. Barton David K. Barton is a consultant on radar systems, recently retired from ANRO Engineering, Inc., of Hudson, Massachusetts. Since 1975, he has been the series editor of Artech House's highly successful Radar series. Holder of the IEEE's Centennial Medal, Millennium Medal, and Dennis J. Picard Medal, he is widely regarded throughout the world as a leading authority on radar technology. He is the author of Radar System Analysis and Modeling (Artech House, 2004) and the co-editor of Radar Technology Encyclopedia, CD-ROM Edition (Artech House, 1999), among other publications.
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