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Radio Frequency Interference in Communications Systems

Radio Frequency Interference in Communications Systems

By (author): Bruce Elbert
Copyright: 2016
Pages: 242
ISBN: 9781608079667

eBook £68.00
This authoritative resource describes how to assess and mitigate RF interference in radio systems and presents effective methods to identify and resolve RFI before, during and after its appearance. Authored by a leading authority in the field, this book provides engineers and managers with the knowledge they need in the control of Radio Frequency Interference. Readers find practical guidance in an array of critical areas, including engineering of radiocommunication and wireless systems in light of RFI, identifying RFI modes, electromagnetic compatibility and spectrum sharing. Key concepts in evaluating radio frequency interference, propagation on obstructed paths, interference protection radio and RFI resolution and mitigation techniques such as filtering, spectral capture, radiolocation, cancellation and cognitive radio are covered in this book. This book concludes with prospective for RFI resolution in future radiocommunication systems.
The What and Why of RFI in Radio and Wireless Communications; The Radiocommunication System in an Interference-limited Environment; Key Concepts of Evaluating Radio Frequency Interference; Link Properties Under Free Space Conditions; Propagation on Obstructed Paths; Interference Protection Radio (C/I) and Its Application; RFI Resolution and Mitigation Techniques; How to Identify, Prevent, and Fix Common RFI problems; Prospective RFI Resolution in Future Radiocommunication Systems.
  • Bruce Elbert Bruce Elbert is president of Application Technology Strategy, L.L.C., and was formerly senior vice president of applications systems development at Hughes Space and Communications. Bruce is a series editor for Artech House. He holds an MSEE in communications engineering and computer science from the University of Maryland and a BSEE from the City College of New York.
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