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Radio Wave Propagation Fundamentals

Radio Wave Propagation Fundamentals

By (author): Artem Saakian
Copyright: 2011
Pages: 390
ISBN: 9781608071388

eBook £33.00
Written for professional engineers and students who specialize in antenna, communication and radar systems, this authoritative book provides a thorough introduction to the basic principles of electromagnetic wave propagation of radio frequencies in real-world conditions. It serves as an invaluable daily reference for practitioners in the field and also as a complete, organized text on the subject. This comprehensive resource covers a wide range of essential topics, from the classification of radio waves, electromagnetic wave theory, and antennas for RF radio links, to the impact of the earth surface on the propagation of ground waves, atmospheric affects in radio wave propagation, and radio wave reception. The book is packed with over 1,105 time-saving equations and key discussions are supported with more than 190 illustrations. Moreover, each chapter includes problem sets to test the reader's mastery of the material. Supporting Files: A solutions manual is available for this title. To request a copy, please fax your request and email address to Chris Stanfa at 781-769-6334 on your University department's letterhead. The solutions files are reserved for instructors only.
Preface ; Introduction - Historical Overview. Classification of Radio Waves by Frequency Bands. The Earth 's Atmosphere and Structure. Classification of Radio Waves by Its Propagation Mechanisms. Interferences in RF Transmission Links. ; Basics of Electromagnetic Waves Theory - Electromagnetic Process. Free Propagation of Uniform Plane Radio Waves. Polarization of the Radio Waves. Reflection and Refraction of Plane Radio Wave from the Boundary of Two Media. Radiation from Infinitesimal Electric Current Source: Spherical Waves. Spatial Area Significant for Radio Waves Propagation. ; Basics of Antennas for RF Radio Links - Basic Parameters of Antennas. General Relations in Radio Wave Propagation Theory. ; Impact of the Earth Surface on Propagation of Ground Waves - Propagation Between Antennas Elevated Above the Earth 's Surface: Ray-Trace Approach. Propagation Between Ground-Based Antennas over the Flat Earth. Asymptotic Diffraction Theory of Propagation over the Spherical Earth Surface. ; Atmospheric Effects in Radio Wave Propagation - Dielectric Permittivity and Conductivity of the Ionized Gas. Regular Refraction of the Radio Waves in the Atmosphere. Standard Atmosphere and Tropospheric Refraction. Reflection and Refraction of the Sky Waves in the Ionosphere. The Impact of Earth 's Magnetic Field on Propagation of the Radio Waves in the Ionosphere. Over-the-Horizon Propagation of the Radio Waves by the Tropospheric Scattering Mechanism. Attenuation of the Radio Waves in the Atmosphere. ; Receiving of the Radio Waves: Basic Outlines - Multiplicative Interferences (Signal Fades). Additive Interferences (Noises). Methods of Improvement of the Radio Wave Reception Performance. ; List of Symbols. Acronyms. About the Author. Index;
  • Artem Saakian Artem Saakian is an antenna engineer in the Antennas and Radar Systems Division of the Naval Air Systems Command in Patuxent River, MD. He holds an M.S. electrical engineering from the University of Telecommunications, St. Petersburg, Russia and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.
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