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Scattering Parameters in RF and Microwave Circuit Analysis and Design

Scattering Parameters in RF and Microwave Circuit Analysis and Design

By (author): Janusz A. Dobrowolski
Copyright: 2016
Pages: 428
ISBN: 9781630810931

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Based on the popular Artech House title Microwave Network Design Using the Scattering Matrix, this authoritative resource provides comprehensive coverage of the wave approach to microwave network characterization, analysis, and design using scattering parameters. New topics include signal and noise analysis of differential microwave networks based on mixed mode wave variables, generalized mixed mode scattering, and generalized mixed mode noise wave scattering matrix. This one of a kind resource presents all aspects and topics related to the scattering matrix which have been developed and applied in microwave theory and practice. The book is an excellent source of theoretical information on the wave variables and scattering matrix and their application to microwave network characterization, modeling, analysis and design. This book demonstrates the approach of noise and signal analysis and how it is applicable to two port networks and their cascades, multi-ports and multi-element multiport networks with standard single-ended ports with differential ports and simultaneously with single-ended and differential ports. It is suitable for beginners, and students as well as experienced engineers and researchers working in the field of microwaves.
Theory of Uniform Wave Guides; Theory of Transmission Lines; Wave Variable and the Scattering Matrix; Signal Analysis of Multiport Networks; Mode Wave Variable and the Mixed Mode Scattering Matrix of Differential Networks; Signal Analysis of Differential Multiport Networks; Noise Wave Variables and the Scattering Matrix; Noise Analysis of Muti-Port Networks; Differential and Common Mode Noise Waves and Correlation Matrices; Noise Analysis of Differential Networks; Scattering Functions in Nonlinear Modeling of Microwave Devices.
  • Janusz A. Dobrowolski Janusz A. Dobrowolski is a professor and head of the Microwave Circuits and Instrumentation Division of the Institute of Electronic Systems at the Warsaw University of Technology. He holds an M.Sc., Ph.D. and D.Sc. in electrical engineering from Warsaw University of Technology.
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