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Secondary Surveillance Radar

Secondary Surveillance Radar

By (author): Michael C. Stevens
Copyright: 1988
Pages: 315
ISBN: 9780890062920

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The first book to be published on SSR for over 10 years, Secondary Surveillance Radar discusses all aspects of the SSR system, propagation, radomes, antennas, transmitters - receivers, monopulse, signal processing, multipath, transponder performance, system design, Mode S and TCAS. Secondary surveillance radar (SSR) is rapidly becoming the principle aid for air traffic control as it provides range bearing, positive identification and altitude data for all co-operating aircraft. The book gives you - radar and ATC system design engineers - system design and equipment design of SSR with particular emphasis on the more recent developments using monopulse techniques. Particular attention is given to the problems presented by both propagation and mutual interference both of which can seriously degrade performance. Design techniques to minimize the impact of these problems are discussed.
Introduction. History. Principles of Operations Ground Antenna Systems. Interrogators. Monopulse Receivers. Monopulse Plot Extraction. Transponders. Multipath. Design Principles. System Monitoring. Mode S. Threat Conflict and Alert System (TCAS). Glossary of Terms. References. Index.
  • Michael C. Stevens
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