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Signal Processing for Digital Communications

Signal Processing for Digital Communications

By (author): George J. Miao
Copyright: 2006
Pages: 515
ISBN: 9781580536677

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Here is your complete resource on signal processing for digital communications, including in-depth coverage of theory, algorithms, system design, simulation, analysis, and applications. Based on the author's extensive research and industry experience, this practical book presents an up-to-date and comprehensive treatment of all aspects of digital, multirate, adaptive, and statistical signal processing technologies in the area of digital communications. You find expert guidance in overcoming critical challenges in the field involving wireless and wireline channel characterization and distortion, SISO, SIMO and MIMO channel estimation and blind identification, multichannel and multicarrier modulation, DMT and OFDM, discrete-time timing and carrier recovery synchronization, and adaptive equalization at the communication receivers. The book offers detailed examples and describes up-to-date and efficient algorithms and their implementation methods. Packed with over 1500 equations and more than 100 illustrations, this one-stop reference covers a wide range of key topics, from discrete-time and frequency domain analysis, probability, random variables and stochastic signal processing, pulse shaping and matched filtering, to channel models, HOS estimation and blind identification, multicarrier, FFT-based OFDM, discrete-time phased-locked loop, fractionally space, DFE, space-time and diversity equalizers.
Preface. ; Introduction - History of Communications Using Electricity. Digital Communication Systems. Digital RF Systems. Link Budget. ; Probability, Random Variables, and Stochastic Signal Processing - Probability. Random Variables. Probability Distributions and Densities. Functions of Random Variables. Discrete Distributions and Densities. Continuous Distributions and Densities. Upper Bounds on the Probability. Stochastic Signal Processes. Detection Theory and Optimum Receivers. ; Sampling Theory - Discrete-Time Sampled Signals. Nyquist Sampling Theorem. Undersampling. Stochastic Sampling Theorem. ; Channel Capacity - Gaussian Channel Capacity. Bandlimited Channel Capacity. MIMO Channel Capacity. SIMO Channel Capacity. MISO Channel Capacity. ; Smart Antenna Systems - Smart Antennas and Beamforming Structures. Beamforming Algorithms. ; Channel Characterization and Distortion - Wireless Channels. Wired Channels. Channel Distortion. Pulse Shaping. Matched Filtering. ; Channel Estimation and Blind Identification - Discrete-time Channel Models. Channel Estimators. Adaptive Channel Estimation and Algorithm. Channel Models and HOS Estimations. Blind Channel Identification. ; Adaptive Equalization - Linear Equalizer. Adaptive Linear Equalizer. Fractionally Spaced Equalizer. Decision Feedback Equalizer. Space-Time Equalizer. Diversity Equalizer. ; Multichannel Modulation, DMT and OFDM - Fundamentals of Multichannel and Multicarrier Modulation. FFT-Based OFDM. Filter Bank-Based OFDM. ; Discrete-Time Synchronization - Discrete-Time Phase-Locked Loops. Time Recovery. Carrier Recovery. ; Appendixes - The z-Transform. Matrix Theory. The Discrete Fourier Transform. The Fast Fourier Transform. Discrete Mathematical Formulas. ; About the Author. ; Index.;
  • George J. Miao George J. Miao is a president of Sageco Technologies, LLC. He specializes in digital signal processing, multirate, adaptive and statistical signal processing theory with applications in wireless/wireline communication systems design, simulation modeling, and architecture. His extensive professional experience includes work for Motorola, Fujitsu Network Communications, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, and Lockheed Martin. He is coauthor of 'Digital Signal Processing and Statistical Classification'ù (Artech House, 2002), for which he received the 2003 IEEE New Jersey Coast Section Technical Accomplishment Award. He has published many articles in journals and conferences, and holds US patents and patents pending in wireless, wireline and UWB communications. He holds an M.Sc. from Columbia University and a Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology, both in electrical engineering.
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