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Signal Processing in Noise Waveform Radar

Signal Processing in Noise Waveform Radar

By (author): Kryzsztof Kulpa
Copyright: 2013
Pages: 272
ISBN: 9781608076611

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This book is devoted to the emerging technology of noise waveform radar and its signal processing aspects. It is a new kind of radar, which use noise-like waveform to illuminate the target. The book includes an introduction to basic radar theory, starting from classical pulse radar, signal compression, and wave radar. The book then discusses the properties, difficulties and potential of noise radar systems, primarily for low-power and short-range civil applications. The contribution of modern signal processing techniques to making noise radar practical are emphasized, and application examples are given.
Introduction; Radar Principles - Pulse Radar and Its Range Equation. Radar Range Measurement and Range Resolution. Radar Range Velocity Measurement and Range Velocity Resolution. Radar Ambiguity Function. Radar Operation over the Ground or the Sea. Multipath Effect.; Noise Radar - Short-Integration-Time Pulse Noise Radar. Medium-Integration-Time Continuous Wave Noise Radar. Long-Integration-Time Continuous Wave Noise Radar. Fundamentals of the Noise Radar Correlation Receiver. Target Detection in Noise Radar. Correlation Processing of Moving Target Echoes. The Range Equation Formulated for Noise Radar. Long-Correlation-Time Noise Radar Processing. Stretch Processing. Processing with Radial Acceleration.; Masking Effects - Cancellation of the Point-Target Masking Effect. The Stretch Processing for Point-Like Target Cancellation. Cancellation of Direct Signal and Range Spread Clutter. Robustification of the Noise Radar Signal Processing. ; Multistatic Noise Radar - Bistatic Configuration. Multistatic Configuration. Clutter Cancellation in Multistatic and MIMO Noise Radar. ; Noise Synthetic Aperture Radar - Fundamentals of Classical SAR Processing. Noise SAR. Adaptive SAR Image Enhancement. Ground-Based SAR Example.; Passive Detection of Moving Targets - Radiometric Detection System. Detection of Moving Targets. Limitations of System Performance. Passive Target Imaging.; Examples of Noise Radars; List of Symbols. Index ;
  • Kryzsztof Kulpa Krzysztof Kulpa is the associate editor of International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies. He earned his Ph.D. in electronic engineering from Warsaw University of Technology.
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