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Space Microelectronics Volume 1: Modern Spacecraft Classification, Failure, and Electrical Component Requirements

Space Microelectronics Volume 1: Modern Spacecraft Classification, Failure, and Electrical Component Requirements

Copyright: 2017
Pages: 440
ISBN: 9781630814687

eBook £155.00

This authoritative first volume provides a solid understanding of modern spacecraft classification, failure, and electrical component requirements. This book focuses on the study of modern spacecraft, including their classification, packaging and protection, design versions, launch failure and accident analysis, and the main requirements of electronic components used. Readers find comprehensive coverage of the design and development of individual components as well as systems, their packaging, and how to make them last in space. This is a useful resource for military and civil applications.


Specific topics include:

  • The manufacturing of electronics for space;
  • The main physical mechanisms of the impact of destabilizing factors of outer space, including various kinds of radiation, high-energy galactic icons, and particles of cosmic dust;
  • The design of advanced space-grade microelectronic products such as memory microcircuits, microprocessors, interface and logic of microcircuits and power control microcircuits;
  • Facts and features about the “space race” that have not been available until now.

Modern Spacecrafts; Launch Vehicle and Spacecraft Failures and Accidents; Microwave Electronics For Space and Military Applications; Microelectronic Element Base of Rocket and Space Technology; Process Design Kits (PDK)– Structure and Specific Uses in the Development of Products with Submicron Design Rules.

  • Anatoly Belous

    is the director of the research and development center of Belmicrosystems and the director for science and prospective marketing of design of Integral Holding. He received his electronic engineering degree from Minsk Radio-Technical University.

  • Vitali Saladukha

    is the general manager of Integral Holding. He received his Ph.D. in radio-physics and electronics from Belarussian State University, Minsk.

  • Siarhei Shvedau

    is the director of the design center of integral Holding. He received his degree with a specialty in physics of semiconductors from Minsk Radio-Technical University.

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