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Spread Spectrum Systems for GNSS and Wireless Communications

Spread Spectrum Systems for GNSS and Wireless Communications

By (author): Jack K. Holmes
Copyright: 2007
Pages: 874
ISBN: 9781596930841

eBook £132.00
Look to this cutting-edge resource for a modern treatment of spread spectrum (SS) communications, including direct sequence and frequency hopping. The book helps you understand the performance of SS systems under the influence of jamming and with and without coding. You find details on the synchronization of SS systems, including initial acquisition and tracking. The book discusses correlation loss to help you determine the impact of filters on the correlation process. Moreover, for the first time in any book, you find details on code acquisition and code tracking with channel filtering. This comprehensive volume presents the principles of design and analysis for all SS systems, and places special emphasis on wireless systems and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). The book considers all the common coherent and non-coherent modulations, including BPSK, QPSK, DPSK, MSK, MFSK, OFDM, and UWB. Other key topics discussed include multiple access methods for SS, characterization of radio channels, the theory of lock detectors, and low probability of detection (LPD) systems.
AnIntroduction to Spread Spectrum Systems. Binary Shift Register Codes for Spread Spectrum Systems. Jamming Performance of Uncoded Spread Spectrum Systems. Jamming Performance of Coded Spread Spectrum Systems. Carrier Tracking Loops and Frequency Synthesizers. Passive and Active Code Acquisition in Direct Sequence Receivers. Direct Sequence Tracking Loops. Tracking of Frequency Hopped Signals. Multiple Access Methods for Digital Wireless Cellular Communications. AnIntroduction to Fading Channels. Low Probability of Detection Systems. Lock Detector Theory via Absorbing Markov Chains. ;
  • Jack K. Holmes Jack K. Holmes is a leading expert in the areas of spread spectrum systems, navigation, synchronization, and communication systems performance. He is a widely known author of journal and conference papers and a classic book on coherent spread spectrum systems. He holds a number of patents, and is a senior member of the IEEE and a member of ION. He holds a Ph.D. from UCLA.
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