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Substrate Surface Preparation Handbook

Substrate Surface Preparation Handbook

By (author): Max Robertson
Copyright: 2011
Pages: 196
ISBN: 9781608072149

eBook £79.00
Substrate Surface Preparation Handbook serves as a practical, one-stop reference, covering the technologies developed to produce flat surfaces with nanometer accuracy for the subsequent building of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. This hands-on resource offers you detailed guidance in the entire substrate surface preparation process, from lapping and polishing to specialized techniques and surface finishing. Supported with over 125 illustrations, this unique book provides you with a complete understanding of important maintenance methods and the full range of equipment available in the field. You gain the know-how and confidence you need to produce desired results when processing a sample of new material, rather than wasting time and money on a trial and error approach. Moreover, this authoritative book presents in-depth discussions on key applications, such as optics production and semiconduictor de-lamination and deconstruction.
Foreword ; Preface ; Introduction - Choosing a Process. Definitions of Processes Used in This Book. Lapping, Grinding, and Polishing Abrasives. ; Preparation: Before the Start - Plates and Measurement. Lapping Plates. Polishing Plates. Polishing Surfaces: Care and Conditioning. Baseplates for Polishing. The Use of Smoothing Blocks. Jigs. Sample Mounting. Sample Viewing and Assessment. Plate and Sample Flatness Control. Conclusion. ; Lapping - The Lapping Process. Plate Shape Monitoring. Scratching. Smoothing. ; Polishing -Introduction. Sample Load. Abrasives. Edge Polishing. Slurry Flow Rate. Grit Sizes. Aligning the Sample. The Polishing Run. Jig Rotation. Sample Surface Shape and In-Process Alignment. Chemical Polishing. Chemomechanical Polishing. Fluid Jet Polishing: Future Developments. ; Specific Processes and Materials - Geology. Hard Materials. Water-Soluble Materials. Electro-Optic Materials. ; Specialized Techniques - Diamond Machining:Introduction. Sawing. ; Surface Finish - The Lapped Surface Finish. Subsurface Damage. Understanding Surface Finish. ; Optics - Glass. Processing with Pitch. Pitch Alternatives. Spherical Surfaces. Blocking Spherical Components. Specifying Diamond Tooling. Testing of Optical Components.; Semiconductor Device Deconstruction ; Metallurgical Polishing and Microscopy - Processing. Examination. Microscope Setup. ; Laboratory Setup - Equipment Locations. Laboratory Layout and Dimensions. Optimizing the Process Route. Sample Cleaning. Safety Regulations. Lab Environment. Consumables. ; Using Interferometry - Basic Principles. Analysis of Fringe Patterns. Normal and Grazing Incidence. Introducing the Workshop Interferometer. ; Bibliography. Glossary. Appendix. About the Author. Index ;
  • Max Robertson Max Robertson has decades of industry experience and was most recently a development manager in company manufacturing the type equipment that is described in this book. He holds a B.Sc. in engineering from St. Andrews University.
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