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Surface-Based Air Defense System Analysis

Surface-Based Air Defense System Analysis

By (author): Robert H. MacFadzean
Copyright: 1992
Pages: 398
ISBN: 9780890064511

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This technically detailed yet highly readable new book constitutes a broad, multidisciplinary introduction to the analysis of air defense systems. It provides a detailed description of the different categories of air defense threats and tells you how they operate. Individual sections deal with threat missions, observability, maneuverability and vulnerability. With its detailed treatment of threat characterization, air defense process models, tactical environments, weaponry, hierarchal simulation models and test evaluation, this is the first book to cover all critical aspects of ground based air defense.
Preface. Acknowledgements. Threat Characterization. Air Defense Process Models and Events. Tactical Environments. Antiaircraft Artillery. Surface to Air Missile Guidance Concepts. Missile Element Models and Trim Flight Simulation. Guidance and Control. Warheads and Fuzes. Simulation and Engagement Applications. Air Defense Mission Modeling. Air Defense System Test and Evaluation: Air Defense System Acquisition.
  • Robert H. MacFadzean
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