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Survival in the Software Jungle

Survival in the Software Jungle

By (author): Mark Norris
Copyright: 1995
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9780890068311

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Survival in the Software Jungle is written especially for managers and engineers responsible for systems development and information technology. Focusing on software technology from a user's standpoint, and supported by a wide range of practical guidelines, the book shows you how to obtain and provide good computer support, capitalize on a wide range of products, and stay competitive in today's Information Age. Includes current standards information, invaluable checklists, and a useful glossary of terms.
  • Mark Norris Mark Norris is a technical director of Norwest Communications, Suffolk, UK. He is the author of Mobile IP Technology for M-Business (Artech House, 2001), Understanding Networking Technology: Concepts, Terms, and Trends, Second Edition (Artech House, 1999) and Survival in the Software Jungle (Artech House, 1995); the co-editor of Systems Modeling for Business Process Improvement (Artech House, 2000); and the co-author of Component-Based Network System Engineering (Artech House, 2000).
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