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Systems Engineering Approach to Medical Automation

Systems Engineering Approach to Medical Automation

By (author): Majd Alwan
Copyright: 2008
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9781596931657

eBook £84.00
Medical automation is an emerging area that is bringing the efficiency tools and methods developed by our most successful corporations to the practice of medicine. Presenting a new systems engineering approach to controlling medical processes, this cutting-edge resource shows you how to reduce time, cost, and errors by at least 50%. The book offers you a solid understanding of medical automation principles and the latest applications in the field. You discover how computers and devices can be used to schedule personnel and services, and help maintain a just-in-time, lean, and more affordable medical services. You learn how to automate your pharmacy and laboratory services for maximum profit and minimum turnaround time. Moreover, this forward-looking book helps you determine how nanotechnology is evolving to solve difficult medical challenges. This practical volume explains how hospitals are automating their pharmacy supply systems to reduce waiting time for medications and virtually eliminate mis-dosing, delayed dosing, or incorrect dosing of patients. The book also shows you how to automate your clinical laboratory, helping you decrease the need for rapid (or STAT) testing, eliminate the shortage of trained medical technologists, and increase profitability without the need to increase costs.
Process Approach to Medical Automation.Introduction to Process Automation Principles. Process Management and Quality Control Tools. Process Optimization Tools. Process Automation Tools. Medical Automation System Design and Integration. Mathematical Modeling, Analysis and Control for Medical Automation.Introduction to Methods for Mathematical Modeling. Mathematical Modeling for Medical Automation. Dynamics Analysis of Medical Automation Systems. Advanced Control for Medical Automation Systems. Application to Molecular Diagnosis Automation. Applications of Medical Automation. Laboratory Automation Systems and Components. Pharmacy Automation Technologies. Automation Technologies in the Operating Room. Automation Technologies in the Supply Chain. Automated Patient Monitoring in Intensive Care. Telemedicine Technologies. Automated In-Home Patient Monitoring. Communications and Information Technologies Supporting Medical Automation.Introduction to Connected Medicine (Wired and Wireless).IT Networks, Data Management, and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Laboratory Management Information Systems(LIMS).; To view complete TOC:; Click Google Preview button under book title above, then click on Contents tab.;
  • Majd Alwan
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