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Systems Reliability and Failure Prevention

Systems Reliability and Failure Prevention

By (author): Herbert Hecht
Copyright: 2003
Pages: 244
ISBN: 9781580533720

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This timely resource offers you a comprehensive, unified treatment of the techniques and practice of systems reliability and failure prevention, without the use of advanced mathematics. Featuring numerous, in-depth real-world examples, the book distills the author's many years of practical experience in designing and testing critical systems. The book helps you set reliability requirements for a new product, monitor compliance with these requirements during development and later life cycle phases, account for software failures in an integrated reliability assessment, and allocate a fixed reliability improvement budget to guide decisions by cost considerations and trade-offs. The book opens with a review of the essentials of reliability engineering and then focuses on the organizational causes of failure, a critical topic that rarely receives attention. It thoroughly examines the techniques for reducing and preventing failures that affect system reliability - conservative design, the use of analytical tools and procedures, extensive testing and redundancy - and discusses their capabilities and limitations. Moreover, this comprehensive reference covers the formulation of functional and reliability requirements for critical systems, and concludes with examples from communication networks, aircraft and missile systems, the process industry and satellite missions.
Introduction.; Essentials of Reliability Engineering - The Exponential Distribution. Parameter Estimation. Reliability Block Diagrams. State Transition Methods. The Devil is in the Details. Summary.; Organizational Cause of Failures - Failures are not Inevitable. Thoroughly Documented Failures. Summary. ; Analytical Approaches to Failure Prevention - Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Sneak Circuit Analysis (SCA). Fault Tree Analysis (FTA). Summary.; Testing to Prevent Failures - Reliability Demonstration. Design Margins. Reliability Relevance of Tests during Development. Reliability Relevance of Post-Development Tests. In-Service Testing. Summary.; Redundancy Techniques -Introduction to Redundancy at the Component Level. Dual Redundancy. Triple Redundancy. Higher Order Redundant Configurations. Other Forms of Redundancy. Summary.; Software Reliability - The Nature and Statistical Measures of Software Failures. Failure Prevention Practices. Software Fault Tolerance. Software Reliability Models. Summary.; Failure Prevention in the Life Cycle - Life Cycle Format and Terminology. Reliability Issues in Life Cycle Phases. The Reliability Program Plan. Reviews and Audits. Summary. ; Cost of Failure and Failure Prevention - Optimum Reliability. Time Considerations of Expenditures. Estimation of Cost Elements. A Generic Cost of Reliability Model. Summary. ; Cost Trade-Offs - Reliability Improvement to Meet Quality of Service Requirements. Increasing Maintenance Effectiveness. Replacement of Communication Satellites. Summary.; Applications - Power Supply for Ground Communications. Reliability of Aircraft Electronics Bay. Spacecraft Attitude Determination. Summary.;
  • Herbert Hecht Herbert Hecht is vice chairman of the board of SoHaR Incorporated, an R&D and consulting company for high dependability systems. He holds a Ph.D. in engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles and an M.S. in electrical engineering from Polytechnic University of New York.
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