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Techniques of Radar Reflectivity Measurement

Techniques of Radar Reflectivity Measurement

By (author): Nicholas C. Currie
Copyright: 1984
Pages: 534
ISBN: 9780890061312

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Techniques of Radar Reflectivity Measurement discusses the measurement of the radar reflectivity of clutter and manmade targets from a practical, easy-to-understand point of view. Written for radar engineers, technicians, or researchers, the book covers such topics as radar cross section (RCS), reflectivity measurement techniques, radar ranges, calibration, data recording and analysis techniques, statistical properties of data, and testing. Many examples of actual radar systems and data are included to illustrate the techniques described. The book is based on a course on techniques of radar reflectivity taught by the editor at Georgia Institute of Technology. The book is intended to serve both as a how-toù manual and as a reference for radar reflectivity mesurement techniques for those professionals or technicians who perform radar reflectivity measurements, work with the data, or manage radar reflectivity programs. Techniques of Radar Reflectivity Measurement is the only sourcebook in print to cover the entire range of radar reflectivity measurements for the working engineer and technician.
Introduction to Radar Reflectivity Techniques. Radar Cross Section (RCS). Basic RCS Measurement Concepts and Systems. Radar Reflectivity Calibration. Data Acquisition and Recording Techniques. Data Analysis Procedures. Bistatic RCS Measurements. Far Field RCS Measurement Ranges. Compact Range Measurements. RCS Measurements on Scale Models. Organization of a Test Program. Ground Truth Measurements. Statistical Properties of Data. Radar Angle Measurements Radiometric Measurements.
  • Nicholas C. Currie
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