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The ABCs of Fiber Optic Communication

The ABCs of Fiber Optic Communication

By author: Sudhir Warier
Copyright: 2017
Pages: 322
ISBN: 9781630814144

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This unique practical handbook is the only one of its kind to provide the conceptual framework and troubleshooting tactics related to the manufacturing, selection, and installation of modern photonic networks, including optical fiber plants, optical transceivers, test and measurement equipment, and network architecture of SDH, OTN, IP/MPLS, FTTx networks, and PON. This resource includes the latest technological advancements and industry applications while covering the entire fiber ecosystem from installation to troubleshooting.


This book presents the use of common tools like LPM (laser source and power meter) to overcome common issues related to optical patching and fiber plants and also discusses the use of specialized tools including the optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) for issues with fiber plants and locating fiber breaks. Readers gain an understanding of the architecture of core TDM, IP, and Optical Access Networks including PON. Specific methodologies are explored for assessing OTN, DWDM, IT/MPLS, Optical Access Networks– PON/GPON or FTTx networks. Key parameters that influence the choice of fiber based on the network and application type are discussed. This book also provides an overview of the current and future developments in optical fibers, interfaces, transceivers and backbone networks.

PART 1– The Conceptual Framework; Fundamentals of Optical Communication; Essentials of Fiber Optic Communication; Optical Fiber Splicing and Interfaces; Fiber Plant Manufacturing, Installation, Maintenance and Diagnostic Techniques;

PART 2– Optical Network Architectures; Photonic Transport Networks; Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing; Next Generation Optical Networks; Optical Access Networks; Part 3– Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Optical Networks; Troubleshooting Fiber Plants; Optical Network Testing and Troubleshooting Procedures.

  • Sudhir Warier

    is a principal mentor at Cognitio. He received his chartered engineering degree from IETE and his M.S. Philosophy from Alagappa University, his Master of Financial Management from Pondicherry University and his B.S. in electronics and telecommunications engineering from Karnatak University.


Review by: Vinod Hingorani, Telecom Italia Sparkle - May 31, 2017

The contents mentioned by Sudhir are truly the ABCs of Optic fiber which help from basic to beginners to the high end experts giving insight of the technology and its vast variety of flexibility thus educating in the most simplistic manner what the next decade could have to unfold in terms of technology and its horizons.

Review by: Vidya Lunge, Vivekanand Education Society’s Polytechnic, Chembur, Mumbai - May 31, 2017

This book can be referred by diverse audience beginners in optical fiber communication and also by practitioners in optical fiber engineering. It brings together good mix of theory and practical taking care of both aspect cognitive and psychomotor skill of the learner. The author have transported the contents systematically keeping the reader in synchronous with the previous content. He presented real-world scenarios which help to understand how concepts are applied. The contents are comprehensive and presented in structured way. Each chapter is enriched with Standardization Bodies, Referred Standards, Recommended Reading, Books, URL, Journal, Key Terms, Summary, References, Check Your Learning and Research Activities which will prove very useful to be connected to different aspects correlated to fiber optic communication which I found to be one of the best practice in this book. I am sure that this book will be a great help for implementation of curriculum revision of course fiber optic communication in any university or technical education board which in current scenario is becoming more of industry oriented and the contents of this book can contribute a lot in these curriculum.

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