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The Business Privacy Law Handbook

The Business Privacy Law Handbook

By (author): Charles H. Kennedy
Copyright: 2008
Pages: 203
ISBN: 9781596931763

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This authoritative handbook serves as your one-stop guide to understanding and complying with the complex, evolving world of corporate privacy law. Written in clear, non-technical language, the book breaks the privacy compliance universe into manageable parts. You find guidance on collecting and using customer information. You learn how to comply with data protection laws. The book helps you understand the industry-specific obligations of banks, healthcare providers, communications companies and other lines of business. You get the latest details on protecting employer interests while respecting employee privacy. Moreover, you find guidelines on the lawful use of telemarketing, fax advertising, and commercial email. This comprehensive resource also covers compliance for companies doing business with, and in, Europe under the European Union Data Protection Directive. This practical book supports key topics with practice tips, excerpts from relevant laws and regulations, and appendices that list many of the more important federal and state privacy laws.
Introduction. Acquiring, Using and Disclosing Information: Which Laws Affect My Company and What Do Those Laws Say?Privacy Statues Binding Upon All Business. Privacy Statues Applicable to Particular Industries and Lines of Business. Federal Trade Commission Privacy Initiatives. The European Union Data Protection Directive. Do I Need a Privacy Policy? If So, What Should It Say? ; Protecting Information: Which Laws Affect My Company and What Do Those Laws Say?Background. Federal Data Security Legislation. The FTC Data Security Enforcement Initiatives. State Data Security Initiatives. Class Actions and Other Private Lawsuits. Recommendations for Best Practices. ; Telemarketing, Fax Advertising and SpamTelemarketing. Fax Advertising. Spam. ; Training Your Employees to Comply with Privacy Laws. ; Appendices. Tables.;
  • Charles H. Kennedy Charles H. Kennedy is an attorney with Morrison and Foerster, LLP. Mr. Kennedy is the author of three popular books on the law of electronic communications, including An Introduction to U.S. Telecommunications Law, Second Edition (Artech House, 2001). He is a graduate of The University of Chicago Law School.
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