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The Handbook of Next-Generation Emergency Services

The Handbook of Next-Generation Emergency Services

By (author)s: Barbara Kemp, Bart Lovett
Copyright: 2020
ISBN: 9781630816520
Coming Soon: Available 03/31/2021
List Price: £119.00

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This book presents Next Generation Emergency Services, to help implementers, regulators, legal and technical professionals to understand how the introduction of this new approach to delivering emergency services will impact their work. Beginning with an overview of the field and explaining what will change as the transition is made from circuit-switched to IP-based networks, the book provides guidance and detail related to the technologies that enable Next Generation services; the current state of emergency services; how to plan and execute a move to a standards-compliant NG9-1-1 service including the network design, the operations and maintenance procedures, and the legal and regulatory requirements and mandates.
Next Generation Emergency Services; Anatomy of NG9-1-1 Implementation; Infrastructure; Neighboring Jurisdictions; Access Carriers – Originating Service Providers; Large Customers; Test Plans – Key Components and Samples; Cutover; Ongoing Operations; Emerging Solutions; Legal and Regulatory Financial; International Market for Next Generation Emergency Services.
  • Barbara Kemp
  • Bart Lovett
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