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Time-Frequency Transforms for Radar Imaging and Signal Analysis

Time-Frequency Transforms for Radar Imaging and Signal Analysis

By (author)s: Victor C. Chen, Hao Ling
Copyright: 2001
Pages: 234
ISBN: 9781580532884

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Here's an innovative hands-on book on time-frequency transforms for radar imaging and signal analysis. It teaches you more efficient ways to: extract dispersive scattering features; detect and extract weak signals in noise; form clear radar images; estimate parameters and perform motion compensation; detect and track moving targets in the synthetic aperture radar; and analyze vibration and rotation induced micro-Doppler. This unique resource introduces a new image formation algorithm based on time-frequency-transforms, showing its advantage over the more conventional Fourier-based image formation. Referenced with over 170 equations and 80 illustrations, the book presents new algorithms that help improve the result of radar imaging and signal processing. Moreover, the authors discuss future trends in time-frequency to analyze micro-Doppler, and provide you with a newly developed time-frequency approach to radar signal and image processing to help you solve problems associated with conventional approaches.
Preface.; Introduction - Radar Electronic Backscattering. Radar Signals, Radar Ambiguity Function and Matched Filter. Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging.; Time-Frequency Transforms - Linear Transforms. Bilinear Transforms.; Detection and Extraction of Signal Noise - Time-Varying Frequency Filtering. SNR Improvement in Time-Frequency Domain. CFAR Detection in Joint Time-Frequency Domain. Signal Extraction in Joint Time-Frequency Domain.; Time-Frequency Analysis of Radar Range Profiles - Electromagnetic Phenomenology Embedded in Backscattered Data. Time-Frequency Representation of Range Profiles. Application of High-Resolution Time-Frequency Techniques to Scattering Data. Extraction of Dispersive Scattering Features from Radar Imagery Using Time-Frequency Processing.; Time-Frequency Based Image Formation - Radar Imaging of Moving Targets. Motion Compensation. Time-Frequency Based Image Formation. Radar Imaging of Maneuvering Targets. Radar Imaging of Multiple Targets.; Motion Compensation in Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging Using Time-Frequency Techniques - Motion Compensation Algorithms. Time-Frequency Based Motion Compensation. Motion Compensation Examples of Simulated and Measured Data. Presence of Three-Dimensional Target Motion.; Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging of Moving Target - Radar Signatures of Moving Targets. Effect of Target Motion on SAR Imaging. Detection and Imaging of Moving Targets. SAR Imaging of Moving Targets Using Time-Frequency Transforms.; Time-Frequency Transform for Analysis of Micro-Doppler Phenomena - Vibration Induced Micro-Doppler. Rotation Induced Micro-Doppler. examples.; Trends in Time-Frequency Transforms for Radar Applications.; References.;
  • Victor C. Chen Victor C. Chen is retired from his position of principal investigator in the Radar Division of the U.S. Naval Laboratory. He holds an M.S. and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Hao Ling Hao Ling, professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering, University of Texas at Austin, is an IEEE Fellow. He earned his Ph.D. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
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