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Transmit Receive Modules for Radar and Communication Systems

Transmit Receive Modules for Radar and Communication Systems

By (author)s: Mike Harris, Rick Sturdivant
Copyright: 2015
Pages: 268
ISBN: 9781608079797

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eBook £72.00
The use of electronically scanned phased arrays is increasing in systems such as radar, wireless networks, and satellite ground terminals. An important and necessary component for these systems is the transmit receive (T/R) module, which provides the amplification and electronic beam steering that is required for proper function. This new resource presents a comprehensive overview of all design, fabrication, integration, and implementation issues associated with T/R modules for radar and communications. This book provides engineers and researchers with practical designs and 44 examples of analysis, circuits, and components used in T/R modules. It also provides a solid explanation of the theory for how T/R modules operate and how they can be optimized. In addition, this book shows how the latest technical advances in silicon germanium (SiGe) and gallium nitride (GaN) are allowing levels of performance that were previously unachievable. The book concludes with informative chapters on testing, cost considerations, and the future of next generation T/R modules.
Phased Arrays in Radar and Communication Systems; Transmit/Receive Modules; Semiconductors For T/R Modules; Signal Integrity Issues In T/R Modules; Materials for T/R Modules; Heat Issues and Solutions For T/R Modules; MMIC Fabrication and T/R Module Manufacturing; Testing of MMICs and T/R Modules; MMIC and T/R Module Cost; Next Generation T/R Modules.
  • Mike Harris Mike Harris earned a M.S. in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He developed semiconductor processes for GaAs PHEMTs and GaN HEMTs and has been involved in T/R module programs for over 25 years. He is retired, but continues to teach a professional education course on T/R Modules for Phased Array Radar.
  • Rick Sturdivant

    has 29 years of experience developing phased array systems and components for military and commercial applications. He has authored over 50 articles and conference papers and holds seven issued U.S. patents. He is founder and Chief Technology Officer of Microwave Packaging Technology, Inc which provides products and services for radar and communication systems. Dr. Sturdivant is also an assistant professor at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, CA where he teaches various courses in engineering.

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