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Tunable Laser Diodes

Tunable Laser Diodes

Copyright: 1998
Pages: 304
ISBN: 9780890069639

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Here's the first and only single-source survey of tunable semiconductor lasers including the latest applications in optical communication systems. This comprehensive reference discusses the underlying physics, operational principles, and performance and applications of tunable laser diodes. Tuning mechanisms, properties, and laser structures are described and compared in great detail, including continuously tunable lasers with a moderate tuning range and lasers with a very wide tuning range. The various approaches for continuous and discontinuous wavelength tuning are introduced and device structures and experimental results are presented. Supplemented with practical examples and helpful notations, the book provides you with a comprehensive understanding of semiconductor lasers in general, and the specific knowledge you need to appreciate the trade-offs among laser properties and the capabilities and limitations of semiconductor lasers. Communication engineers will appreciate the valuable discussion of the increasing demand on transmission capacity in optical communication systems and advanced transmission techniques such as wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technique and coherent optical detection schemes. Tunable Laser Diodes is an excellent resource for research and development laser engineers, communication device and system engineers, optical system design engineers, university researchers, teachers, and graduate students.
Introduction. Fundamental Laser Diode Characteristics. Single-Mode Laser Diodes. Basic Concepts for Tunable Laser Diodes. Continuously Tunable Single-Mode Laser Diodes. Linewidth Broadening. Discontinuously Tunable Laser Diodes. Related Components. Applications. Appendices.
  • Markus-Christian Amann Markus-Christian Amann is a professor at the Technical University of Munich from which he also holds Dipl.-Ing. and Dr.-Ing. degrees. He has authored numerous articles on semiconductor optoelectronics in journals, conference proceedings, and books.
  • Jens Buus Jens Buus is currently the Technical Director at Gayton Photonics Limited. He holds an MSc and PhD both from the Technical University of Denmark.
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