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Understanding SIP Servlets 1.1

Understanding SIP Servlets 1.1

Copyright: 2009
Pages: 398
ISBN: 9781596934290

eBook £79.00
Providing a thorough overview to SIP (session initiation protocol) servlets 1.1, this unique resource serves as a practical guide to this exciting and emerging communications network technology. Covering all key concepts and their links into Java Enterprise Edition (JEE), the book discusses the construction, deployment and lifecycle of the SIP servlet. You find a detailed presentation of the role, responsibilities, and convergence of the SIP servlet container. Further, the book addresses the application router, addressing its role, container interactions, routing regions, and application sequencing.
Foreword ; Preface ; Introduction to SIP Servlets - Session Initiation Protocol. SIP Servlets and the SIP Servlet Vision. Java Enterprise Edition.; The SIP Servlet Container - Container Responsibilities. Container Convergence. Security.; The SIP Servlet Application - SIP Servlet Packaging. Application Roles. Application Constructs.; Application Router - SIP Servlet 1.1 Composition Model. Application Router, Container, and Application Interaction.; Moving Forward - SIP Servlet Threading Model. Outstanding Issues. SIP Protocol Support. JSR 309. ; Relationship and Role Within IMS ; SailFin 101 ; SailFin Understanding - History. Architecture. Logging. Network Configuration. SIP Container Architecture. Writing Your Own Interceptor Layer. Cluster Deployment.; SIP Servlet Client Programming - Writing HTTP Servlet-Based Client. Using Asynchronous HTTP. Using ICEfaces. REST and JAX-RS. Java ME JSR 180.; The SIP Servlet Application Programming Interface (API) - Container Utilities. Application Constructs. SIP Message Routing. SIP Messaging Constructs. Timer Service.; About the Authors. Index ;
  • Chris Boulton Chris Boulton is a technical research specialist working on next generation solutions for NS-Technologies. He has been an active participant in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for more than six years. Mr. Boulton has authored and participated in numerous specifications related to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and its related extensions. He is also a member of the JSR 309 Media Server API expert group in the Java Community Process(JCP), is on the Technical Board of Advisors for the VOIP Security Alliance (VOIPSA), and has published numerous white papers on VOIP and related technologies.
  • Kristoffer Gronowski Kristoffer Gronowski is a senior software architect at Ericsson Research, where he focuses on empowering development and evolution of communication services. Mr. Gronowski is a member of the JSR 309 Media Server API expert group in the Java Community Process (JCP) and was one of the three founders and the architect behind the Ericsson Application Server.
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