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Understanding Smart Sensors, Third Edition

Understanding Smart Sensors, Third Edition

By (author): Randy Frank
Copyright: 2013
Pages: 388
ISBN: 9781608075072

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Now in its third edition, Understanding Smart Sensors is the most complete, up-to-date, and authoritative summary of the latest applications and developments impacting smart sensors in a single volume. This thoroughly expanded and revised edition of an Artech bestseller contains a wealth of new material, including critical coverage of sensor fusion and energy harvesting, the latest details on wireless technology, the role and challenges involved with sensor apps and cloud sensing, greater emphasis on applications throughout the book, and dozens of figures and examples of current technologies from over 50 companies. This edition provides you with knowledge regarding a broad spectrum of possibilities for technology advancements based on current industry, university and national laboratories R & D efforts in smart sensors. Updated material also identifies the need for trusted sensing, the efforts of many organizations that impact smart sensing, and more. Utilizing the latest in smart sensor, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and microelectronic research and development, you get the technical and practical information you need keep your designs and products on the cutting edge. Plus, you see how network (wired and wireless) connectivity continues to impact smart sensor development. By combining information on micromachining and microelectronics, this is the first book that links these two important aspects of smart sensor technology so you don't have to keep multiple references on hand. This comprehensive resource also includes an extensive list of smart sensor acronyms and a glossary of key terms. With an effective blend of historical information and the latest content, the third edition of Understanding Smart Sensors provides a unique combination of foundational and future-changing information.
Smart Sensor Basics -Introduction. Mechanical-Electronic Transitions in Sensing. Nature of Sensors. Integration of Micromachining and Microelectronics. Application Example. Summary.; Micromachining -Introduction. Bulk Micromachining. Wafer Bonding. Surface Micromachining. Other Micromachining Techniques. Combining MEMS with IC Fabrication. Other Micromachined Materials. MEMS Foundry Services and Software Tools. Application Example. Summary.; The Nature of Semiconductor Sensor Output -Introduction. Sensor Output Characteristics. Other Sensing Technologies. Digital Output Sensors. Noise/Interference Aspects. Low Power, Low Voltage Sensors. Analysis of Sensitivity Improvement. Application Example. Summary.; Getting Sensor Information Into the Microcontroller -Introduction. Amplification and Signal Conditioning. Separate Versus Integrated Signal Conditioning. Digital Conversion. On-Line Tool for Evaluating a Sensor Interface Design. Application Example. Summary.; Using MCUs/DSPs to Increase Sensor IQ -Introduction. MCU Control. MCUs for Sensor Interface. DSP Control. Techniques and Systems Considerations. Software, Tools, and Support. Sensor Integration. Application Example. Summary.; Communications for Smart Sensors -Introduction. Background and Definitions. Sources (Organizations) and Standards. Automotive Protocols. Industrial Networks. Protocols in Other Applications. Protocols in Silicon. Transitioning Between Protocols. Application Example. Summary.; Control Techniques -Introduction. State Machines. Fuzzy Logic. Neural Networks. Combined Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks. Adaptive Control. Other Control Areas. Impact of Artificial Intelligence. Application Example. Summary. ; Wireless Sensing -Introduction. Wireless Data and Communications. Wireless Sensing Networks. Industrial Wireless Sensing Networks. RF Sensing. Telemetry. RF MEMS. Application Example. Summary.; MEMS Beyond Sensors -Introduction. MEMS Actuators. Other Micromachined Structures. Application Example. Summary.; Packaging, Testing, and Reliability Implications of Smarter Sensors -Introduction. Semiconductor Packaging Applied to Sensors. Hybrid Packaging. Common Packaging for Sensors. Reliability Implications. Testing Smarter Sensors. Application Example. Summary.; Mechatronics and Sensing Systems -Introduction. Smart-Power ICs. Embedded Sensing. Other System Aspects. Application Example. Summary. ; Standards for Smart Sensing -Introduction. Setting the Standards for Smart Sensors and Systems. IEEE 1451.1. IEEE 1451.2. IEEE 1451.3. IEEE 1451.4. IEEE 1451.5. IEEE P1451.6. IEEE 1451.7. Extending the System to the Network. Application Example. Summary.; More Standards Impacting Sensors -Introduction. Sensor Plug and Play. Universal Serial Bus. Development Tools Establish De Facto Standards. Alternate Standards. Consumer/Cell Phone Apps. Application Example. Summary.; Sensor Fusion -Introduction. Sensor and Other Fusion Background. Automotive Applications. Industrial (Robotic) Applications. Consumer Applications. Application Example. Summary.; Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensor Nodes -Introduction. Applications Drive Technology Implementation and Development. Complete System Consideration. EH Technologies. Energy Storage. Energy Budget. Development Systems. Application Example. Summary.; The Next Phase of Sensing Systems -Introduction. Future Sensor Plus Semiconductor Capabilities. Future System Requirements. Software, Sensing, and the System. Trusted Sensing. Alternate Views of Smart Sensing. The Smart Loop. Application Example. Summary.; Appendix. List of Web Sites for Additional Smart Sensor and MEMS Information. Selected Bibliography. Smart Sensor Acronym Decoder and Glossary. About the Author. Index. ;
  • Randy Frank Randy Frank is the president of Randy Frank and Associates in Scottsdale, Arizona. A well-established author and holder of three patents, Mr. Frank received his B.S. and M.S. in electrical engineering, as well as his M.B.A. in management, from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He is a Society of Automotive Engineers Fellow, former chairman and a member of the SAE Sensors Standards Committee, an IEEE Fellow, and former member of the IEEE 1451 Smart Transducer Interface standards committee.
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