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Vehicle Location and Navigation Systems

Vehicle Location and Navigation Systems subtilte

By (author): Yilin Zhao
Copyright: 1997
Pages: 345
ISBN: 9780890068618

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This is the first book to provide, in a single source, the detailed interdisciplinary information needed to understand, design and implement advanced Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS, formerly IVHS). It presents state-of-the-art principles and practices that you can apply to a wide range of vehicle location and navigation systems - placing special emphasis on the vehicle side of the system - and synthesizes information scattered among many different engineering fields. Based on several years of hands-on research, the book is divided into two parts: Basic Modules, or building blocks, and Systems, or integrated modules. Fundamental principles as well as newly developed technologies, along with many problem-solving examples, help you save time and improve performance. Turn to this well-organized, practical book for answers to such real-life questions as: Why doesn't the output of your GPS receiver match your digital map?; When shouldn 't your vehicle be redirected to a less congested road?; Why doesn't your navigation system work as expected after going through the automatic car wash? The newly developed technologies you find here include a fuzzy-logic-based algorithm, the field-emitter display (FED), a recently invented software technology for 3-D map display, and a seldom discussed integrated Dispatch Enhanced Network (iDEN). Accessible even to non-engineering specialists, this informative book contains useful summary tables and current references, including Internet addresses for ITS-related pages.
1.Introduction: Brief History. Modern Vehicle Location and Navigation. 2. Digital Map Database Module: Basic Representations. Reference Coordinate Systems. Standards. Proprietary Digital Map Databases. Digital Map Compilation. 3. Positioning Module: Dead Reckoning. Relative Sensors. Absolute Sensors. Sensor Fusion. 4. Map-Matching Module: Conventional Map Matching. Fuzzy-Logic-Based Map Matching. Other Map-Matching Algorithms. Map-Aided Sensor Calibration. 5. Route-Planning Module: Shortest Path. Heuristic Search. Bidirectional Search. Hierarchical Search. Other Algorithms. 6. Route Guidance Module: Guidance While En Route. Guidance While Off-Route. Guidance With Dynamic Information. 7. Human-Machine Interface Module: Visual-Display-Based Interfaces. Voice-Based Interfaces. 8. Wireless Communications Module: Communications Subsystem Attributes. Existing Communications Technologies. Communications Subsystem Integration. 9. Autonomous Location and Navigation: Vehicle Location. Vehicle Navigation. 10. Centralized Location and Navigation: Automatic Vehicle Location. Dynamic Navigation. Applications: Mayday. 11. A Case Study - ADVANCE: Traffic Information Center. Mobile Navigation Assistant. Communications Network. Initial Evaluation Results. 12. Conclusions: Past Lessons. Future Directions. Appendices
  • Yilin Zhao Yilin Zhao is a senior research and development engineer at the IVHS division of Motorola, Inc. A graduate of the Dalian University of Technology in China, he earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Michigan. Dr. Zhao is a member of the IEEE TAB Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee.
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