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Printed MIMO Antenna Engineering

Printed MIMO Antenna Engineering

By (author): Mohammad S. Sharawi
Copyright: 2014
Pages: 328
ISBN: 9781608076819

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Wireless communications has made a huge leap during the past two decades. The multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) technology was proposed in the 1990's as a viable solution that can overcome the data rate limit experienced by single-input-single-output (SISO) systems. This resource is focused on printed MIMO antenna system design. Printed antennas are widely used in mobile and handheld terminals due to their conformity with the device, low cost, good integration within the device elements and mechanical parts, as well as ease of fabrication. A perfect design companion for practicing engineers, this book provides full design examples from literature, along with detailed illustrations for the various antenna geometries. This resource overviews the various applications that currently depend on printed MIMO antennas, and provides design guidelines and remarks throughout the book for guidance.
Introduction - Wireless Technology Evolution. Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) Technology. Market Forecasts. Conclusions.; Antenna Fundamentals - Radiation Mechanism. Single Antenna Parameters. MIMO Antenna Parameters. Printed Antenna Types. Antenna Integration Effects. Antenna Arrays. Conclusions. ; Electrically Small Printed Antennas - Features of Electrically Small Antennas. ESA Examples. Conclusions. ; Printed Single-Band MIMO Antenna Systems - MIMO Antennas for Access Points and General. Applications. MIMO Antennas for Cellular and Smartphones. MIMO Antennas for Large PCs and Tablets. MIMO Antennas for USB Dongles. Conclusions.; Multiband Printed MIMO Antenna Systems - Printed Multiband MIMO Antenna Systems for Wireless Access Points and Generic Applications. Printed Multiband MIMO Antennas for Mobile Phones. Multiband Printed MIMO Antennas for Portable Computers. Multiband MIMO Antennas for USB Dongle Applications. Design Guidelines for Multiband Printed MIMO Antennas. Conclusions.; Isolation Enhancement Techniques for Printed MIMO Antenna Systems - Antenna Placement and Orientation. Decoupling Networks. Parasitic Elements. Defected Ground Structures. Neutralization Lines. Metamaterial-Based Isolation Enhancement Structures. Conclusions. ; MIMO Antenna Performance Measurements - Conventional Antenna Measurement Methods. MIMO Antenna Performance Measurement Technique. Remarks on MIMO OTA Testing. Conclusions.; List of Abbreviations. About the Author. Index;
  • Mohammad S. Sharawi

    is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. He is the founder and director of the Antennas and Microwave Structure Design Laboratory (AMSDL). Prof. Sharawi was a visiting research scholar at the intelligent Radio Laboratory (iRadio Lab) at the university of Calgary, AB, Canada, during 2014-2015. He was a visiting Professor at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Oakland University, Michigan, USA, in 2013. He obtained his PhD in RF Systems Engineering from Oakland University, Michigan, USA, in 2006. During 2002-2003 he was a hardware design engineer with Silicon Graphics Inc., California, USA. Professor Sharawi has more than 230 refereed international journal and conference paper publications. He is the author of the book “Printed MIMO Antenna Engineering,” Artech House, 2014. He has 8 book chapters in Antenna design and RF Engineering. His research interests include Printed and MIMO Antenna design and characterization, Applied Electromagnetics and RF system design. He has 14 issued and 15 pending patents with the USPO. Professor Sharawi is a Senior Member IEEE and Fellow IET.

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